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Men cover your 'BONNET'-Kenyan University Student Claims She Infected 324 Men With HIV

A student at Kabarak University in Kenya claims that she infected 324 men with HIV and aims to infect enough to reach 2,000 in Nakuru town before the year ends.
Kenyan University Student Claims She Infected 324 Men With HIV
Via The Epoch Times:
The female student allegedly sent the Kenya Scandals Facebook page a message in which she said, “I see you
people exposing scandals a also have a big one to tell just don't expose my name.”
The student said that she’s 19 and said that she was a virgin until she went clubbing with some seniors at the
university. When she woke up, she realized that she had had sex when she was drunk.
Several months later, in November 2013, she tested HIV-positive. When she confronted the man, he claimed that it
did not come from him.
The student says she nearly committed suicide but had a though. “Something came up in my mind that I should revenge. I hated men and I didn’t want to be near anymore.
My future had been ruined, somehow someone had to pay,” she said.
After undergoing private therapy, “I accepted my fate and promised to make all men I come across suffer,” she said.
The student claims that she keeps a list of the men that she infected and will release it when she’s on her death bed. “I
know I have nothing left to do on earth but to wait for my death but before i do, men will get it,” she said.
The men so far include many students, as well as lecturers, lawyers, celebrities, and elected officials.
The story has sparked a huge conversation on social media
websites, with many condemning the scored woman for seeking revenge and others saying that the story is just a
coverup for something else going on, such as the government allegedly infecting people with the disease.

We’re not sure of the authenticity of the story but if anything this should be a reminder to wrap it up all times!!!!
Have you any better information of this near story?
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