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Sokoto state; Zamfara; Kebbi; Katsina; Jigawa; Kano; Kaduna; Niger; Bauchi; Yobe; Borno; Gombe; Plateau; Nassarawa; Taraba; Adamawa; Benue ; Kogi; and Kawra state.
Though I was once in Suleja which happen to be part of Niger state from the zone site as northern state for sometime before I move out of there. In the beginning I really enjoy my stay but suddenly I begin to be aware that where I am was not as safe as I thought in the beginning due to the bombing of some part of the state especially the three that happened close to where I stayed. Though there was no where in the world today that is safe yet we can still manage some place as safe area. It is unfortunate that some people has given the northern part of Nigeria as danger zone yet I keep wondering how late Tafawa balewa will feel if he was alive today. Things has fall apart right from 80's ... A place that was once living with love has turned to danger zones with no mercy of human feelings. Killing here and there everyday no one is concern about what is happening within.  elder .. People just took laws into there hands feeling what they are doing is the right solution to their situation. Killing is a crime as long as you are not in the position to kill. So I believe if truly there is elders in the north, of which I believe there are.  Let those elders call their people with the mind of peace. It will be better if they can put their differences aside and face this issue once and for all. Nigeria belong to everyone of us and we must live in peace among each other . In fact, To tell the truth about you people from the north you are very hardworking people, and am so much in love with what you people produced from your side especially beans, onions and peppers, etc.
Therefore, let's forget about the pass and face the future with the hope of  newness in our daily activities. When I was very young I heard a song by Ebenezer Obey saying"
Alhaji Danjuma la agege
Danjuma cinema la agege
Alhaji Danjuma la agege " till date most part of agege in lagos are still own by my people from the north. please let's embrace peace anywhere we might find ourselves  most importantly in the northern part of Nigeria.  God bless me and you!!! God bless Nigeria!!! Happy weekend!!!
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