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Reasons Why Men Fall Out Of Love

black-couple-arguingFor every action humans exhibit, there is always a cause beneath. Consequently, this article looks at various reasons why men fall out of love in a relationship they initially cherished.
It’s a given that men are likewise emotionally needy. They also want to be showered with deluge of love the same manner in which they give. Ditto with compliments, care, calls, etc. And depriving them of virtually all these is a sure way of shifting their attention elsewhere. Truth is, not every man will go rent a mega phone and a loud speaker to announce that he wants to be loved too- except he has some mental challenges.

Experienced house wives would tell you that bearing any ill will for one’s mother-in-law is a quick recipe for marital frustration and possible separation. You’d agree with me that mums always have influence on men and not being on good terms with them means you leave the men in an awkward dilemma of making a choice between you and them. And we all know what the choice would be, don’t we?
No matter how blindly in love a couple could be, a time would come when the intensity of the attraction would subside. Now, here is a stage to exercise caution. Since you both have somewhat recovered your ‘eyesight’, flaws of the other partner becomes visible. And if yours is to constantly pick quarrels with your man like you under the influence some steroids, then you might as well sooner or later forfeit your prince charming.
If there is anything that could make a grown man be urgently admitted to the hospital like he was suffering from lassa fever or become sober like he had been severely starved for a month, then it is a heartbreak gotten from his spouse’s sexual unfaithfulness. More often than not, the trust, love and connection consciously or unconsciously diminishes.
A man that is struggling to cope with the financial and material demands of his partner might eventually fall out of love to save his finances from being sentenced to life imprisonment. No matter how much the love of a man is, it doesn’t take more than an expensive partner to wake him up from that daydream. And trust me, he’ll wake up- they always do- however sweet it is.
Do you agree with these, are there any more points you would like to add? Feel free to share your thoughts below.
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