We’ll try to help. Here we bring you  ten ways to express yourself on casual Friday and still look appropriate: 

1. Avoid the Too-Much-Information Effect

One of the issues with casual attire is when the fit (or lack thereof) promotes overexposure of your anatomy for professional standards. This includes tight jeans, deep v-necks, dropping waistbands and transparent fabrics.
Think slim not skinny, fitted not tight, and above all, don’t go sheer.
Men's Dress Down Friday Outfit Examples - Using Accents To Individualise Your Look
2. Work Personal Choices Into Pared-Down Attire
Coloured loafers, a silk scarf, a unique belt or even a subtle print are welcome accents to a sober, professional look. Make sure you have one interesting feature to impress your co-workers with.
Men's Dress Down Friday Outfit Examples - Using Accents To Individualise Your Look
The more unique and individual, the better. People appreciate small efforts of this sort, and you’ll draw positive attention to yourself without sacrificing your professionalism or going overboard:

3. Avoid Obviously Branded Stuff
You don’t want your colleagues wondering if you’re making more than they are, or be that guy who is overcompensating for a lack of personality/genuine style credentials.
Bear in mind: subtly branded, high quality or luxury items send out a completely different, more positive message. Keep your outfits classic and simple and consider integrating unique textures, subtle prints or eye-catching colours in order to draw attention in a sophisticated and refined way:
Men's Dress Down Friday Outfit Examples - Using Fabrics, Textures and Colours To Individualise Your Look

4. Dress-Down Your Accessories
Since you’re not wearing your suit, why not swap your formal watch for a more casual style (think canvas or coloured straps instead of leather), change your metal-rim spectacles for brightly coloured frames, or even ditch the briefcase for a messenger bag?
These are subtle alterations that will balance out your look and help your casual get-up come alive:
Men's Dress Down Friday Outfit Examples - Dress Down Your Accessories

5. Juxtapose Aesthetics & Utilise SeparatesIf you strive to create an interesting balance of smart and casual, no one can criticise.

For example, tailored trousers and trainers, or a t-shirt/polo layered underneath a blazer:
Men's Dress Down Friday Outfit Examples - Using Separates
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