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The True Reason Why Women Fall Out Of Love

Your girlfriend broke your heart and now you’re left picking up the pieces of your old relationship. One way to help heal your heart and ensure your next relationship is a success is to figure out why she may have broken up with you. Here are 10 reasons why women fall out of love.
Her family did not like you
For women, other people’s opinions matter, and although she might have been pleased that her family did not like her boyfriend when she was a teenager, now she’s grown up she values their thoughts on the guys she dates. If her family, or even her friends, did not like you then this may have influenced the way she felt about you.

She did not feel like a priority
If you missed her birthday or always put your sports team in front of your girlfriend and her needs then chances are she fell out of love because she felt neglected. When in a relationship everyone likes to feel appreciated, so next time you date a girl make sure you’re ready to commit and make her a priority before you get serious.
There was a breakdown in trust
We’ve all heard it a million times, but trust really is the foundation to a strong relationship. If the trust in your relationship was broken for whatever reason, then this will have almost certainly contributed to your break up in some form. To avoid making the same mistake again make sure you work hard towards protecting the trust in your next relationship.
You don’t have a lot to offer
Although it sounds very old-fashioned, studies have found that women still rate wealth and status as being important when it comes to dating. If you don’t have your life together and you’re out of work or still living with your parents, then she might have fallen out of love with you because you couldn’t offer her the things she wanted in life.
You both grew apart
Time can do funny things to people and the person you dated five years ago may not be the same person you were dating one month ago. Sometime these changes that are caused by time can mean that a couple are no longer compatible, and this might have been the reason why she broke up with you.
She wants a different life
If you’ve been dating for some time, chances are you’ve built a life together; whether that’s a metropolitan life based around work and post-work cocktails, or a life spent adventuring and trekking around the world. If your girlfriend changes her mind and decides she wants a different life then this might have been why she broke up with you.
You had no fun together
Fun is something a lot of long-term couples lack in their relationships. If you both started to spend most of your evenings sat in front of the TV and spent your weekends doing DIY and food shopping, then she might have forgotten how good you are to be around.
You didn’t make her feel special
In a relationship everyone needs to feel loved, whether you’re a woman or a man. If you didn’t make your girlfriend feel special or loved then she might have fallen out of love with you. Next time you are in a relationship remember that love is a verb and that you need to take action if you don’t want to end up broken hearted again.
You wanted different things
Some people want babies, some people want expensive cars and others just want to have a quiet life. A lot of relationships end when one person has a life plan that does not match up to their partner’s. If this sounds familiar and you both wanted different things from life then this may have been one reason why she stopped loving you.
You had a stressful time
Life is full of stressful situations and after a particular scarring event some couples prefer to call it a day. If you both experienced a death, an illness or a family breakdown whilst together then your girlfriend may have broken up with you because that stressful event damaged your relationship and you both couldn’t move past the difficulty you witnessed together.
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