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Tips: Why Morning S*x is Better Than A Cup Of Coffee


Let’s start the day with some sexy fun? Haven’t ever considered making love first thing in the morning? Let’s look at some of the benefits of spontaneous wake-up sex:

Starting the day with love.
While saying “I love you” to your significant other first thing is definitely wonderful, physically demonstrating that love is so much more personal, poignant and powerful. Not only are you starting off the day connecting on an emotional and physical level, you are showering them with love and gratitude while thoroughly enjoying every part of each other. Both people are then beautifully armed with toe-curling, tingly love to send them on their way for the day.
Get our workouts in first thing.
According to WebMd, sex burns about five calories per minute, not to mention isolating and working certain muscle groups. That’s four more calories per minute than sitting down and drinking a cup of coffee. And people who are more sexually active tend to work out more in general, which then in turn aids in their sexual health.
A plethora of health benefits.
After a restful night’s sleep, I know that I try my best to start the day by arming myself with every health advantage possible to fight off toxins, viruses, bacteria, stress, pain, etc. that we encounter and experience in every day life.
Gives us something beautiful to reflect on throughout the day.
I know that when my day starts off stressful, the rest of the day tends to follow suit by haunting me with the memory of the stressor. When my day starts off with a loving, sexy encounter, I find myself reflecting and daydreaming, with a smile, and a sense of giddy anticipation for seeing each other again.
Fights off stress and depression.
Sexual arousal and orgasms release “feel good” hormones that serve as chemicals in your brain’s pleasure and reward system.
Fresh your mornings – be loved
What better way to start your morning than to be kissed by your beloved! Making love in the mornings is the most rejuvenating way to begin your day. It leaves both of you lively and full of energy. Experts confirm to this, when they say that your energy levels in the morning soar twice as high when you have been loved, than normal.
Let there be love in the air
Make love early morningPsychologists point to the fact that when you begin your day with making love to your partner, the “lovely” feeling and the bliss shared, remains with each one throughout the day, providing reassurance and a secured feeling of “just being there”.
Get that facial glow and lustrous hair
Love your partner, the first thing in the morning, and whoa! get that “killer glow” for both of you! Sex in the morning is proved to be a great inner cosmetic! It will make your face glow and your hair shine and that’s because there is an increase in the production of estrogen and other essential hormones.
An alert mind
Yes, you tend to be mentally active and alert, after a great lovemaking session with your partner early in the morning. This is because after the night slumber that lasts for almost eight hours, a rejuvenating active session alerts your brainy nerves and keeps them “on-their-toes”!
Smile at work
Getting busy in bed, the first thing in the morning, will set your feel-good hormones pumping and you will enter your office with a smile on your face, making it much easier for you to put up with whatever hassles your day brings.
What’s your opinion about morning s*x?
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