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Dear Government,
Just as Nigerians are still undulating in shock over the Bomb blast that occurred in Apapa area of Lagos. According to a reliable source, the Apapa explosion occurred at the Folawiyo fuel tank farm, located on Creek Road at about 8:30pm as the blast affected four buildings including two banks. Another blast yes, Ebola virus outbreaks hit on the people of Lagos state yet again!!! I read it has officially hit on Port Har Court people. What is this nation turning into?
Why are all the bad things happening only in APC states? question for another day.
 It’s disquieting and perturbing that since last week no one from the office of the health minister or from the presidency had condemned that false message of SALT and WATER bath that had landed innocent and peace loving Nigerian to their early grave and hospitalization. Does it mean that news was confirmed to be true?
It’s reprehensible that one untutored persona could haul and make a public spectacle of both the erudite and the elites. Damn that initiator!
The people behind this salt and hot water bath should be put behind bars and ingoted.
If the government’s agencies are inept to bring that culprit into book it means the Nigerian governments are the worst, inhumane and most corrupted on earth.

while America’s scientists are there working endlessly on how to get the drugs that
will heal and fight against this deadly Ebola virus some idled Nigerians are busy making fun of it and creating false stories and captions on  their blogs all in the name of getting traffic.
At once, I knew it was a joke when I was told of this salt and hot water bath.
Correct me if I’m wrong, I learnt that salt and hot water causes Cancer of the skin and when drank can kill the entire necessary micro organism needed by the body to fight against any unwanted bacteria in the body.
Ever wondered the mayhem caused all over the country? Some people may have lost their loved ones due to such stupid joke.
That same evening I heard on the radio called WAZOBIA F.M jokingly announced that people should use a cup of raw Acid mixed with a bucket of hot water to cure Ebola virus. What nonsense? What are the journalist and OAPs turning the media house into? Is it a place to crack and make stupid jokes? Wake up Naijas.

Have you thought of the psychological effect it has on our children?
The trauma it had caused on the ageing and the panic on the youths?
Which way Nigerians?
What should be our focus is to extrapolate in advance on how to educate our children and the youths on how to maintain good hygiene at all times.
Which way forward?
We must seek the face of God.
Nigeria which was once a peaceful nation has become a nation where people lived in trepidation.
Our inexperienced and boorish bloggers has by one means or the other created a selling caption or some hoodwink fallacies that had attracted neighboring countries to label our once a peaceful nation into a place that scared off foreigners and citizens. A country where children can no longer play “Tales by moonlight games” A country where our old can no longer walk around with the dogs but guns. Is that the country our past heroes fought for?
Which way forward?
Even the minister for health couldn't make a public presentation on the said salt and hot water bath that caused great panics on everyone. Not to talk of the country's president who is less concerned of the feared Ebola virus outbreaks speculation in Lagos state. The Lagos state governor had shown so much concern by visiting our miracle and healing churches employing them to desist from admitting anyone who is suspected to have contacted the said virus. Hmmm what has the president of Nigeria done?
I also read that Mr. Presido was frightened by the news of Ebola and he begged the US President Obama to please give him the untested laboratory IV drugs. But the tone of President Obama wasn't too friendly.
My 10 years old niece knows that America can never give out such drugs without going into an agreement with the UN or WHO.
And there are other bodies that are in charge of such distributions.
Wake up Naija. Which way forward?
Don't we have our doctors and medical scientists? What are they doing? Since they were licensed have they ever practiced?
Wake up Nigerians. Don't let us be fooled.
Let's stop these jokes and get serious.
Have we ever seen an American joking over a serious ailment? No. Their hands are on desk and they strived very hard to get every world problems solved let's try and emulate them.
If you ask me, I would suggest the Minister for health get the OAP who sent out that message to the public that went viral arrested for constituting public panics. Does it mean that our SSS are weak? They don't know when to act and seat up? Do they need to be told what to do at all time?
They should have her license revoke and put her behind bars.
And the media houses should be warn against giving out false alarms and advising the public blindly or making fun out of serious matter.
It’s high time we retrace our roots exhaustively so as to know where we are going to.
What rubbish?
She took advantage over the weaknesses of the Nigeria citizens and makes a public shame of everyone and both the elites. What a shame!
Must Nigeria be labeled for every bad thing?
First, it was the most caused president.
Secondly, the most corrupt country.
Thirdly, it was the worst country to be born.
Fourthly, it was named the poorest country in the world.
Fifthly, it was named country of terrorist and was placed under the watch of the US and now, named among the #Ebolavirus countries.
What good is my country Nigeria known for? Must we acclaim to all bad news?
Or is this just a way to make our mothers forget that the once claimed Chibok girls that were missing never existed?
Why are the Media houses deviating our directions from serious issues on ground to the ones that never existed?
Could this be just another strategy to get the good people of Nigeria distracted from counting days and months from the day our innocent Chibok school girls were separated from their parents? Which way forward President Goodluck Jonathan? Your people lament for peace. We are peace keeping citizens where are you giving chance to the enemies to rubbish our country? Are we truly the giant of Africa? Don't you think that Kenya had since collected that honor to herself?
Which way forward the people cried.
Ain't we tired of how most Nigerians are being treated abroad just because we couldn't sweep our houses clean.
What a country! This can only happened in Nigeria and to Nigerians. There was indeed a country called Nigeria.

Stachys Ross
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