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"Be open, obvious, and a sincere listener. Denial is not just a river in Egypt; denial is ignoring the obvious."

Closed or open minded; obscure or obvious, fake or a sincere listener . . . Which qualities make for a good friend, family member or co-worker? So take a look at your weakness and commit to the goal of improving an area of weakness. Is it laziness, procrastination, messiness, disorganization, manipulation, rigidity, dishonesty, immorality, spender, non-contributory, selfishness, or stubbornness. Ask yourself "What's it like being on the other side of me? Be honest, face it, don't deny. The picture may not be pretty. However, you can't change what you don't admit. Others will appreciate you for it (especially your family members) and you may meet some wonderful friends in the process of changing.

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