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Abducted Chibok Girls: What Fela Would Have Done

In the face of Nigeria’s challenges, we all have a role to play. Yes. But more than ever, our celebrities have even greater roles. Beyond the #BringBackOurGirls, can our celebrities do more? If Fela was here today, what would he have done differently?
Afro beat legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti may be known for many things, but it was never in doubt where he stood in the face of our unending national woes. Although it's impossible to tell what the late Fela would have done, we can however boldly say he would have definitely gone beyond tweeting or displaying #BringBackOurGirls; and giving his activities during his lifetime, we may yet attempt to predict him, at least.
The Goodluck Jonathan administration is no doubt making efforts to rescue the girls, but the efforts have been fruitless so far as not even one of the abducted girls has been rescued by the military might. Had Fela been around, he would not have hesitated to hold a no holds barred chat with the President. Of course, that is most likely through a full album dedicated to the Chibok course. Obviously, the album will prompt severe reaction from the government, but its message will not be lost.

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One of his famous albums, Zombie, could not have told this any better. That album, in response to the oppressive regime got the government on her toes. They responded by razing his Kalakuta Shrine, not even his aged mother was spared. But Fela would not give up. He recorded even more revealing songs - Head of State and Unknown Soldier, telling the military everything but sycophancy.

In the wake of the inefficiency that has characterized the present administration and the hypo critic opposition, Fela would have looked both parties in the eye, and then proceeded to form his own political party. Yes. With this platform, he would share his ideologies on sincere approaches to rescuing the Chibok girls, banishing poverty, addressing insecurity in the country as well as other national challenges. If the people will, Fela will dare stand for election.

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As against the conflicting figures that have surrounded the rescue operations of the Chibok girls, Fela would have taken up the challenge himself, fighting for the rights of these girls. Vintage Fela, he would have held Goodluck Jonathan to the jugular and demand better governance, transparency and accountability. Goodluck will feel the heat. Since the time and season did not allow for romance and candle light dinners, Fela would never make music totally ignorant of the girls. He would readily give us music, consciously reminding the government and anyone who truly cares, about the plight of the girls and calling for fruitful action.

Whereas today’s artistes seems to make light of the situation, flaunting cars and jewelries almost in defiance to the realities on ground, Fela would rather divert such funds and time to buying advertising spaces in daily and weekly newspapers, in order to run outspoken columns about the Chibok girls and the need to hasten their rescue, which seems to be taking forever.

Certainly, the plight of the Chibok girls calls for collective action. Our celebrities can go beyond the ordinary and lead the way. It is such actions that has endeared Fela’s name to millions of hearts across the globe and etched his name on the sands of time.

- By Emmanuel Ezeh

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