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Adversity and God

"Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has plenty; not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some."
Charles Dickens

One of the sure things in life is that there will be countless concerns and adversity will visit time and time again. For those people who do not believe this fact, maybe it is only because you have not yet reached that point in life. Those who had had to face adversity, there are several things that we all have in common.

One of these commonalities is that each adversity can be viewed as a total setback, or as an opportunity to overcome the problem. There really is no other way to look at the issue. You either take the adversity square on the chin and fold, or you take the hit, keep standing, and find a way to move around the adversity.

Don't Do It Alone
If you try and overcome adversity alone, you can have a bad time of it but if you turn to
God as your first option, an option that gives you peace and strength to help you see the situation as different, you have a hope of getting through this problem.

Not To Be Feared
Adversity in and of itself is not to be feared - it is only the lack of knowing what to do, how to approach it, and what view for the
future you hold that presents a concern. Adversity is nameless, blameless, and devoid of any emotion unless you give it.

When you decide that adversity has no power over your
choices, and when you put your faith in God, all adversities are no more than inconveniences that can be overcome.

Power of God
Not everyone, unfortunately, has the natural ability to overcome issues of concern but with the power of God, there is hope in the form of friends or family to help you on your way. God did not plan for you to go into any situation alone and armed with his love and with your
faith, you will be able to find those that will stand with you on this earth in the presence of God.

A Last Thought
The other aspect of adversity that is known to those who have the ability to know they have choices is that each occurrence of adversity is one, if not, the best teacher about life there is. There is no life that sees only good times where there are no valleys of despair or hurt. Life is not a bed of roses without the thorns being active.

Take heed in knowing that adversity need not rule you for it is you that rule adversity armed with God and your given talents and
abilities to overcome.
Credit: Byron Pulsifer 

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