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Health: Contact lens: What You Need to Know

Over time, the use of the contact lens has been a great source of argument. Judging from the fact that the eyes are among the five main senses in the human body, a lot of people believe that contact lens; especially for aesthetic purposes, is an unnecessary risk. 

Contact lens is just a thin lens covering the eyes. Formerly, it was for the correction of poor sight. But of recent, its more of a fashion accessory with its wide range of colours and accessibility. They are like a proper eye jewellery that accentuates the eyes and them sparkle.

Admittedly, the contact lens might cause a bit of itching. It is a foreign object being introduced into the eyes. But, this is easily solved.

Contact lenses come in a cupped shape. They take-up the shape of the eyeballs and stay put, preventing them from rolling to the back of your eye, gluing to your eye or even falling out…So, don’t be scared to roll your eyes with your contacts on.

Contact lens can’t ‘break’. Yes, they are lenses but they are not made of glass. They are made up of a couple of advanced materials called silicone hydrogels which allow oxygen to pass through to the cornea which makes them healthy for the eyes. They could tear if pressure from pulling is applied to them.

Wearing contact lens comes with a set of do’s and don’ts that have to be followed carefully in order to protect your eyes from irritation, itch and infections

Hypothetically, there are reasons why people are against the idea of using contact lens and has to do with the fact that the ideal ways of wearing and treating the lens might not be very clear. This is the first of a 2 part series, and today we will be dealing with the “CARE” issue.

This was made specially to keep the contacts soft and comfortable to wear.

  • Always keep the contacts in its solution.
  • Keep a bottle of eye-drops handy. Lubrication reduces the itching and red eyes. 
  • After wearing the contacts, close your eyes and roll them till it feels comfortable. 
  • NOTE, salt and water is not the same thing as contacts solution. Saline solution hurt the eyes!.
Furthermore, no matter how comfortable the contact lens feels, do not sleep with them. It is an accessory and inasmuch as they allow oxygen get to the cornea, taking them off will go a long way to getting more oxygen to the cornea. Using them to sleep can be compared to using waist cinchers to sleep. 

Hygiene: this is important when handling the contacts.

  1. Always wash the hands before fixing them and before taking them off.
  2. This way, foreign unknown matter won’t be transferred to the eyes via the contacts.
  3. Make sure to dry you hands properly after. If you wear makeup, fit the lens in first before you start applying your products. This prevents you from getting makeup products onto those lens.
  4. After taking the lens off, wash them appropriately with the SOLUTION before putting them back into the case.
  5. Replace your contact lens every 3months. If irritation occurs, discontinue use of contacts and seek medical help.

So, remember these tips and you are good to go: 
 Always keep your contacts in solution when it’s not being worn 
 Change the solution often 
 Don’t sleep with your contacts on 
 Wash hands as often as you handle your contacts 
 Don’t substitute the real thing for salt/water solution
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