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DPA Blog Presents: The 11 Most Beloved CEOs In America

No. 1: Jeff Weiner

Company: LinkedIn
CEO Approval Rating: 100%
Employee Testimonial: “The CEO is [who] helps spread the culture. He emphasizes culture.” —LinkedIn Associate Web Developer (Mountain View, Calif.)

No. 2: Alan Mulally

Company: Ford
CEO Approval Rating: 97%
Employee Testimonial: “Alan is a great CEO breaking down many barriers between groups so we can all work more as one team.” —Ford Motor Employee (Dearborn, Mich.)

No. 3: Richard Edelman

Company: Edelman
CEO Approval Rating: 97%
Employee Testimonial: “Richard Edelman has a special gift for motivating his PR professionals to make Edelman the best PR company in the industry.” —Edelman Finance Manager (Chicago, Ill.)

No. 4: John Schlifske

Company: Northwestern Mutual
CEO Approval Rating: 95%
Employee Testimonial: “The company does a good job taking care of employees. The company provides job security. The company definitely takes a long-term strategic view, revisits it often, and takes it very seriously.”  - Northwestern Mutual Analyst (Milwaukee, Wis.)

No. 5: Paul Jacobs*

Company: Qualcomm
CEO Approval Rating: 95%
Employee Testimonial: “Visionary leader, great technology portfolio and offers opportunities to work on many different projects.” —Qualcomm Senior Learning & Development Specialist (San Diego, Calif.)
*Note: Paul Jacobs was CEO of Qualcomm at the time this report was compiled. The company's current CEO was not eligible for this ranking. 

No. 6: Craig Jelinek

Company: Costco
CEO Approval Rating: 95%
Employee Testimonial: “At Costco it actually benefits the company for staff to have higher education. Also, working for a company where the CEO actually wants to take care of his employees, i.e., living wage increases and benefits.” —Costco Assistant (Jacksonville, Fla.)

No. 7: Brad Smith

Company: Intuit
CEO Approval Rating: 94%
Employee Testimonial: “At the very top, Brad Smith and team are well respected and keep things moving in the right direction.” —Intuit Employee (location, n/a)

No. 8: Lloyd Blankfein

Company: Goldman Sachs
CEO Approval Rating: 94%
Employee Testimonial: “Opportunities for leadership. Strong management team. Great co-workers.” —Goldman Sachs Financial Associate (Salt Lake City, Utah)

No. 9: Howard D. Schultz

Company: Starbucks
CEO Approval Rating: 93%
Employee Testimonial: “Good senior management, competitive pay for managers, work life balance.” —Starbucks Store Manager (San Diego, Calif.)

No. 10: Mark Zuckerberg

Company: Facebook
CEO Approval Rating: 93%
Employee Testimonial: “Of course the perks are great, but the most important perk is working for a company I truly believe in. Mark is an incredible leader who wants to make the world a better place, and I love doing work for a mission I care about.” —Facebook Analyst (New York, N.Y.)

No. 11: DPA's Blog

Company: Blogging
CEO Approval Rating: 90%
Employee Testimonial: “At DPA Blog it always benefits staff to have higher education. Also, working for a company where the CEO actually wants to take care of her employees, i.e., living wage, Holidays, increases and benefits.” —DPA blog crew (Emmanue Uyi)
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