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In this world the quest to ascertain its mysteries is enormous. The more we know, the more modest we become in the face of what we don't and cannot know. There are inestimable ways and means for acquiring knowledge. Why? How? Where? When? Of everything - one may keep on wondering and inquisitive about. It is this natural curiosity which has led man to acquire so much knowledge of the material world and raise an imposing and enormous technological edifice of civilization and culture. Human ingenuity, aided by experimental science and thought, continues pushing back the limits of the unknown.
They say life is what we make of it. By the end of this post, I hope to have helped you decide whether that statement is true or not.

There is no doubt that life has its ups and downs. However, how we deal with them can sometimes make all the difference. Today I want to share ten harsh truths that I've come to learn from life. There's also a message in each that I think we can all learn from, and when applied, will improve our lives infinitely.
Some of these lessons may be old-hat for you. If so, look for ways to refine the idea to ensure your getting the most out of it. On the other hand, you may completely disagree with an idea or two and that's great! Let us know your thoughts so we can all learn from each other.
When I was in Primary school, I at all the time expected spending mainly all of my life with the same people. Then when I realized I had to move to College, that all changed. Once again, I made some close college friends but left them all behind when I moved from College to university.
Friends will always appear and depart in our lives: even though I am back to Lagos now, all my friends are in the university around the country and not exactly in meeting distance. It can be a hard thing to accept, but many of the friends you spend time with now, might not be around in the next few years. Even our loved ones will never spend the whole of their lives with us it’s high time we learn to live and appreciate the amazing people in our present life because time will come that we will not be able to see or be with them. That is life and there is nothing anyone can change about that.
I remember one Birthday I celebrated when the only thing I asked for was an IPod. I didn't ask for anything else so I was pretty sure I would get it. Though, they didn't come and I ended up having to save for 5 months on my own in order to purchase it.
And I couldn't do anything about it. This shows that you won’t always get What you want in life: people are going to be late, people will let you down, and items you want won't always be available to you at the right time. Do not always think that all you see in life is all there is. Things may seem so real and you think all have to be at your disposal. You will not always have those beautiful things you desired most in life. Life is all about ups and down. Expect less from people and face the reality of life.
Whether you are a celebrity, a charity worker or just a normal person, there are going to be people that love you and what you do, but there's also going to be plenty people that don't like you. There are many possible reasons such as jealousy, similarities to them, or just not being someone's 'type'. Many will find faults in whatever you do no matter how hard you try to go out your way to please them or to make them happy they will still be among the crowd that will antagonize and criticize your act of humanity to them.
Don’t spend the whole of your life waiting for who you can always lean on. The policy of relying on someone to transform your ability to prosper in this life is very skeletal. Therefore, look into that perfect law of liberty where all the principles of prosperity and transformations are outlined. The best person that can renew your ability to think and exploit new and hopeful ideas that will propel you to the next level is no other person than you. Do not let the denigration of others weighs you down. Wouldn't it be lovely if we didn't have to go up on stage, but we could just read a paragraph of a blog post and become a perfect public speaker? Or, wouldn't it be nice if our friends could do daring things, and we would benefit from them as well?
The support and help of others cannot take you so far, you're going to have to do your own thing to make big changes in your life situation.
Life is not all about winning all the time. Sometimes you lose beyond imagination. And you think that makes you a failure. Many successful people in the world today cannot count their success without mentioning how many times they had failed. Whether it is exams, projects, companies, or even the odd pub quiz, there are times when you will fail to meet your goals. You can’t always eat your cake and have it or the other way round.
As the saying goes - "Only those who are asleep make no mistakes".
On some occasions when you have your shorts on and you're ready for the beach, it's going to rain. Or, when you get to that first hole and you're ready to tee off - the clouds will open. Things aren't always going to go how you would like them to. The circumstances surrounding life will always delay you to move forward in life it is now left to you if you would want to give up or fight to always stand to your feet and be a victor. And to those you cannot defeat, let them be with time will conquer them all.
When you keep saying you are busy then you are never free. When you keep saying that you have no time then you will have no time. When you keep saying that you will do it tomorrow, then your tomorrow will never come. When we wake up in the morning we have two simple choices. Go back to sleep and dream, or wake up and chase those dreams. Choice is yours. We never know what is around the corner, a car crash, Plane crash, a heart attack; heck...even the end of the world is possible. Let's face it, although we would all like to live till we are 70 years old, that's certainly not always the case. There will be one day that is our last.
Time is like a river. you cannot touch the same water twice. Because the flow that has passed will never pass again. Enjoy every moment of life
Depression comes with low self esteem. When you have a low self esteem it makes you to feel if you are not worthy to be in the midst of those you feel they are better than you. The fact that you are not what you had planned your life to be does not make you a failure. Failure is when you refuse to believe that you are what the world is looking for and you got all the potentials you needed to proper in life. People will jest you they will laugh at you because they feel they are better than you. People that you trust so much and have confident on, they will make themselves your god and make life miserable for you to bear. All they want is to see you down always and never to see you rise again.
Oppositions are everywhere and anywhere you go and in whatever you do opposition will emanate from nowhere it is left to you whether to stand firm to your feet and fight back. You will only get discourage when you compare yourself with others. The fact that they started before do not give them an edge over you do not count other people blessings. Prosperity is a choice. And the choice is yours to decide whether to be an influential personality or not. Don’t be envious of other people’s success. Do not explain someone else’ success rather rejoice with them in doing so you never know where doors will be open unto you.
Procrastination they say is opportunity natural assassin. Don’t postpone hard work learn to face the hardest time of life. Those that discourage you not to develop that talents or ideas of yours they wish within them to be in your shoe. Do not judge yourself against someone else success or achievements.
Whether it is money, partners, friends or even blog subscribers, there will always be areas where other people have more than you. That isn't to say you can't become abundant in whatever you want (i.e. someone always had more money than Warren Buffett until 2008 when he was noted to be the richest man in the world).
The wanting of more actually holds a very important lesson...
I hope you all enjoyed my slightly exclusive take on the topic of improving your life. I would love to read some mean (but required) truths in the comments below!
Happiness is here, right now if you stop resisting and start accepting
Written by Angela Uyi writes on the subject of Personal Appraisal and SelfEsteem on Blogger reader... Her site's main aim is to help people cork into their Identity, be who they want to be.
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