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FACT: It Was PDP That Promised To Make Nigeria Ungovernable in 2011, Buhari Never Did!

For the record and your information, I, the author am definitely never PDP, but I am not APC either. I will only support the best human beings from whichever party they emanate. I am totally not a political animal; I am averse to democratic politics. The only party I ascribe to as yet and have invested thought and finance in is SNP. So for those taken to lies and slander, you can call me a paid whatever and APC author all you care, you will know deep inside that you do not even succeed in fooling yourself. My people, have never been in power, and I do not care and ever see power coming to my people. Now let’s proceed.
There are several important points to be presented here. Best highlighted:

1. Major General Muhammadu Buhari never said he will make Nigeria ungovernable in 2011 in any public format
2. It was a PDP politician, Alhaji Lawal Kaita who actually said Nigeria would be ungovernable if Jonathan became president in 2011.
3. It was Jonathan’s media spokesman, Reuben Abati who sat down and largely concocted the slanderous libel against Buhari’s name in April 2011.
4. General Muhammadu Buhari took Reuben Abati to court for damaging his name.
5. The Jonathan Presidency begged Major General Buhari to settle the case with Reuben Abati and the Guardian out of court.
6. General Buhari obliged and settled out of court. Reuben Abati with The Guardian published an unreserved apology to Buhari in the Guardian of 11th July, 2013.
7. Late General Azazi referred to the PDP “ungovernable” crises and anger that did actually lead to Boko Haram terror franchise hired by the PDP.
These are amazing facts which I have been shocked to discover since I paid attention to this matter.
To imagine that the PDP can know that Buhari never made this statement and that they (the PDP Presidency) begged and apologized for it, yet all they did was kept Reuben silent and threw out other canines, Metuh and co, to continue right where Reuben stopped, is some of the most sick and evil stuff one can encounter or ever imagine. All this against the elderly, respectable General, because they see it as a fancy tool to generate animosity against their strongest single adversary… as a tool to hold on to power?
It is one thing to fabricate a lie against someone. It is another thing to transplant an evil of your doing unto a person who you know is innocent. That is the most evil, evil in the books in my humble view. This precisely is what PDP did and continues to do. Buhari was nearly bombed to death and the dogs continue to utter their putrid trash and invented slanderous concoctions against the poor elderly gentleman. It is frankly satanic. He is such a compassionate gentleman, no joke, if it was me who had all the facts you will read below, I would have been all over the place letting the truth be known and getting the slanderous liars locked up forever.
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