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UNEDITED OPINION] ”Let’s stop chasing shadows and tell ourselves the bitter truth…its a shame that some southerners tend to pretend to be social animals and ignore the real root cause of our problem which had been several decades old.
For most of you here who are grossly ignorant of the historical angle of Islam as a vehicle to attain political are here shouting one Nigeria! That your fore fathers laboured to keep Nigeria as one, therefore we should not think of spliting Nigeria even if it wld be the very solution to stopping unnecessary spill of innocent blood. I sincerely advise all of you here to go and read how Islam entered the Nigerian territory as it is presently constituted today.

Islam came to Nigeria through a vandal-Othman Dan Fodio who with his gang of looters or theives from senegal attacked weak Hausa Kingdom with the sole aim of enslaving the people at first with brut force of bows and arrows,and sharp swords cutting the throat of any body opposing their mission.secondly,in order to maintain the political power ,they used Islamic religion to woo people and twist their brains and minds to be veritable tools ready to kill for Allah!even when the original interest of othman dan Fodio &gang was to acquire territory,power to administer the territory for cheap economic exploitation of the people and their land.This his decendant continued to carry on from 1804 till when the British arrived in late 1800&early 1900 and subdued them but negotiated indirect rule with them.And till date ,the fulani people and their coarsed Hausa partners still think Nigeria &Nigerians are their property and subjects respectively.Hence,they periodically apply their old ways of killing&massacring people to compelling people do their bidding especially when they are not in control of the politics as to keep looting&plundering our economy..these are lazy people whose fore father till this generation never knew how to labour or work to earn a living but only use instrument of the traditional Emirships which they instituted across the northern region to unduely influece and control governments after governments to be grabbing huge chunks of public money through getting oil fields,huge contracts which they neither have the technical know how or financial capacity to execute but often sell those contracts for ten or more % of the contract sums,(to the southerners who would execute the contract,in some cases not able to do good work due to or even completing the contract bcos the profit wld have collected up front by these people ) without lifting a finger but for just getting paper signed by their relations who wld be appointed minister ,perm sec,director … But these days bcos they are not occuping ASO Rock, such previledges are now no l onger business as usual,hence the seeming poverty in their own part of the country&the burning anger in their leaders who benefit and amass wealth without effort to the detriment of the southerners from whose land all the oil money sustaining this country comes from,are now the sponsors of Boko haram.Its only the fools and the ignorants that would be saying we must be one Nigeria under the same arrangement we see today-where they used the privilege of controlling military governments back then to create undue political and economic advantage against the southerners which they enshrined in the papers they wrote and handed over as constitution). A situation where we still operate internal slavery.undue,Master – servant relationship, host and parasite relationship yet the parasite is never satisfied and want to kill the host. This is the true picture we have in Nigeria…So finally, since the advent of Islam in Nigeria. It had never been known as a peaceful religion.But a Jihad region,”killing people in the name of God”..all to acquire and maintain political power for ultimately control the economy wirthout work or efforts. So the use of Boko haram to achieve the usual and traditional aims &objects is not new but just the name and scale had risen due to the superior instrument of goverment we now have over their traditional institutions.Again,my people you will read the solution to our problem soon in my book.which would be out soon….the bottom line is that Nigeria after independence still tolerated them and allow their system of traditional system of governance -a monarchy(oligarchy)kind of governance ,which is heriditary rulership not leadership…How can we allow the style of multiple monarchies to thrieve under a republican Country and expect democracy to survive?How can we allow traditional ruler to be the head of Islamic religion in Nigeria?if it was not meant for alterior motive of esserting undue influence &control on people and government?…ok Nigerian constitution guarratees everybody freedom of association and worship!how can Sultan -a traditional ruler and Islamic head in Nigeria,be expected to be unbiased in any issue concerning Two groups in his domain? perhaps a christian group and muslim group in conflict..please let’s think!Islamists have scholars who are more knowledeable and pious than the Sultan. Yet they still traditionally make the Sultan their leader and its heriditary and stays in their family. No other muslim except fulani and the one from othman dan fodio lineage can be said to be pious enough to lead the entire Islamic congregation in Nigeria. Is it not simply understood now that Islam in Nigeria is not being praticed as the koran preaches?but for political and economic sustainability of these Economic buccaneers who had twisted the minds of some northerner and confused some southerners who don’t know their history and records over time. Ok,tell me what had the Emirs and the Sultan as the overall head of Islam in Nigeria done to stem the activities of Boko Haram,since Boko haram is an Islamic group?…nothing!so then of what use is he then being the head of Islam in Nigeria? Truth is that these traditional institutions in the north had been the the defacto rulers of this country ,they connive with d so called ex leaders both in the federal and states to mal administer this country to chaos and ruling our economy to ruins.We are only prominently seeing the result of several decades of this evil conspiracy now because of the nature of our present leadership”.
Source: Comment by Angus Arinze Edeh on Pat Utomi’s facebook wall post View original post here
Shaihu Usman dan Fodio born Usuman ɓii Foduye, (also referred to as Shaikh Usman Ibn Fodio, Shehu Uthman Dan Fuduye, or Shehu Usman dan Fodio, 1754–1817) was the founder of the Sokoto Caliphate in 1809, a religious teacher, writer and Islamic promoter.
Dan Fodio was one of a class of urbanized ethnic Fulani living in the Hausa States in what is today northern Nigeria. A teacher of the Maliki school of law and the Qadiriyyah order of Sufism, he lived in the city-state of Gobir until 1802 when, motivated by his reformist ideas and under increased repression by local authorities, he led his followers into exile. This exile began a political and social revolution which spread from Gobir throughout modern Nigeria and Cameroon, and was echoed in an ethnicly Fula-led Jihad movement across West Africa. Dan Fodio declined much of the pomp of rulership, and while developing contacts with religious reformists and Jihad leaders across Africa, he soon passed actual leadership of the Sokoto state to his son, Muhammed Bello.Dan Fodio wrote more than a hundred books concerning religion, government, culture and society. He developed a critique of existing African Muslim elites for what he saw as their greed, paganism, or violation of the standards of Sharia law, and heavy taxation. He encouraged literacy and scholarship, including for women, and several of his daughters emerged as scholars and writers. His writings and sayings continue to be much quoted today, and is often affectionately referred to as Shehu in Nigeria. Some followers consider dan Fodio to have been a Mujaddid, a divinely inspired “reformer of Islam”.Dan Fodio’s uprising is a major episode of a movement described as the Fulani (Peul) hegemonies in the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. It followed the jihads successfully waged in Fuuta-Ɓundu, Fuuta-Jalon and Fuuta-Tooro between 1650 and 1750, which led to the creation of those three islamic states. In his turn, Shehu inspired a number of later West African jihads, including those of Masina Empire founder Seku Amadu, Toucouleur Empire founder El Hadj Umar Tall (who married one of dan Fodio’s granddaughters), and Adamawa Emirate founder Modibo Adama. See more
LAST WORD:” Sir Ahmadu Bello gave an interview to the DAILY TIMES of May 3, 1961 saying the following: “I’m set and fully armed, to conquer the Action Group, AG, in the same ruthless manner as my grandfather conquered Alkalawa, a town in Sokoto province, during the last century”
The basis of this boastful interview could be traced to the events that occurred in 1959. It would be recalled that as a result of the elections of 1954, there were 162 seats in the Nigerian National Assembly. Out of this, the South has 83 seats and the North has 79 seats (these 79 seats include the Yoruba parts of Kwara). This allocation of seats was based on earlier census and it shows that there were more people in the South than in the North. If you take away the Yoruba of Kwara, t means that the North would have even less than 79 seats. But because Ahmadu Bello was afraid that his kinsmen would not be able to effectively compete with the rest of the country and dominate it the way he envisaged, he refused to allow Nigeria to have independence in 1957. After the West and the East received self-governance, the British overlords, in order to assuage his fears and put Nigeria in his control, created in 1959, 312 seats for the Nigerian National Assembly without any election or new Census – repeat without any elections or census. Out of this 312, the North was allocated 174 from the blues in the anticipation of the Parliamentary Political System being put in place for Nigeria’s independence in 1960. This effectively put political control of Nigeria in the hands of Ahmadu Bello and his stooge, Tafawa Balewa who in 1950 was reported by the TIME MAGAZINE of October 10, 1960 to have said there was no basis for Nigerian unity and it was only a wish of the British”. – REMI OYEYEMI
Eleven days after Nigeria got her political independence on October 1, 1960, the Sardauna of Sokoto, Sir Ahmadu Bello said, as was carried by the Parrot newspaper on October 12, 1960:
“The new nation called Nigeria should be an estate of our great grandfather Othman Dan Fodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power. We use the minorities in the north as willing tools and the south as a conquered territory and never allow them to rule over us and never allow them to have control over their future.” – Parrot Newspaper October 12, 1960.
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