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What the mainstream media is NOT telling you about the Islamic State

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.LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - The Islamic State has shocked the world with its brutality, but so far most people believe them to be mere thugs who have for the most part, been lucky. A disorganized, but fierce and brutal rabble is how the rest of the world perceives the Islamic State, and that perception is wrong.

Medyan Dairieh, a filmmaker who went into Raqqa for Vice News, has returned with a disturbing report. The Islamic State is far more prepared than the world thinks. 

Dairieh was able to enter Islamic State territory and permitted to film whatever he liked. For the camera and glamor-hungry Islamic State, his attention was actually welcomed. Officials even gave him a video which showed decapitated victims, some crucified, others dismembered.

While the brutality of the Islamic State is part of the shtick that keeps people obedient, it also helps that the organization is flush with cash and arms. It's also popular, especially with kids.

While the brutality of the Islamic State is part of the shtick that keeps people obedient, it also helps that the organization is flush with cash and arms. It's also popular, especially with kids.

Having seized banks, the personal fortunes and property of hundreds of thousands of people, and oil supplies, which they are also selling, the Islamic State is the wealthiest terrorist organization in the world. They are well equipped. Having seized arms in every campaign, Dairieh reported they have enough weapons to give as gifts to people they like. No man who joins is left without a weapon.

A SCUD missile. Most experts believe the missile is inoperable and that the Islamic State cannot fire it. However, it has significant propaganda value.
The soldiers are armed with heavier weapons as well, mostly of American manufacture. Humvees and other equipment that were given to the Iraqi army now serve the Islamic State. They have tanks and at least one SCUD missile. It's unclear if they could fire the missile and it's doubtful they could deploy the tank effectively against trained armored forces, however the intimidation factor for civilians is significant.

Islamic State terrorists are well armed and enthusiastic. Their morale remains high in spite of U.S. bombings.
Strict Sharia law has been imposed and is followed. The prisons are filled with people who have committed petty offenses, such as smoking or drinking. Any worse and you're likely to be executed.

The soldiers have no command hierarchy although they are remarkably unified in their mission. Conquer the world and impose Islam, by the sword if need be. There was no appearance of coordination. The fighters were simply going out to do what mayhem they could in the name of their religion.

Large caches of arms and ammunition are held by the terrorist state. Everyone who joins is given a weapon.

The soldiers, Dairieh reported, were paid about �30 per month, which would be close to $50 USD. In that region, it's enough. Fighters can probably make extra with a little loot or a reward here and there.

Most alarmingly, Dairieh made clear that the entire city is ready for war. At a moment's notice, armed men are ready to respond to any call to action. The swift emergence of such a force will make them formidable defenders in any conflict.

The Islamic State has captured a dam outside Mosul. Should they opt to destroy the dam, it could flood the city and even Baghdad far to the south.
President Obama has pledged to defend American assets in Ibril, however it is unclear precisely what this means and it is unclear how he will accomplish it since airstrikes may not be enough to stem the Islamic State tide.

The Islamic State may have seized gold and silver bullion from banks, but these reports are unconfirmed. Other unconfirmed reports suggest the terrorists are using bitcoin, western funding, funds from Saudi Arabia, and may print their own currency. So far, no coherent state bureaucracy has emerged.

The Islamic State now controls oilfields, which they wisely left intact and operating. They are believed to be selling the oil to finance their operations.
The Islamic State has no shortage of men for fighting. They are now adding children to their ranks and are actively seeking to recruit and indoctrinate them.
Children of any age are being taught that such behavior is laudable.
Petty offenses are brutally punished. This man was an alleged thief.

Crucifixion is a common punishment. Associated with Christianity, it is considered an especially loathsome fate. Most often victims are killed before they are hung up as a warning to others.
Another victim of crucifixion
The Islamic State wants the world to see these men, brutally killed.

The world deserves to know what is really happening in the Islamic State. This is the enemy.
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