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10 Terrifying Military Weapons That Actually Exist
If you had any doubt that soldiers are some of the bravest people around, check out some of the weapons they encounter in combat. Here are 15 terrifying military weapons that actually exist.

The tank that will cook you

The Active Denial System is like a giant ray gun. The tank shoots electromagnetic waves that shock the top layer of the target’s skin, causing extreme pain. Allegedly there are no long-term affects of the exposure.

The grenade launcher/rifle hybrid

The HK M320 grenade launcher acts as both a grenade launcher and a very powerful attachment to an assault rifle. By attaching the launcher to a rifle, the shooter can achieve extremely accurate shots of everything from NATO grenades to less-lethal rounds using laser technology that help find a target.

A deadly drone

Known as the MQ9 Reaper drone, this weapon is almost making military personnel redundant. The drone can carry 500-pound bombs as well as several types of missiles and can identify targets from miles away.

The giant Taser

Called the Taser Shockwave, this transformative device can electrocute anyone within a 250-foot radius at the touch of a button, and can even be mounted to a vehicle.

The easy and efficient rocket launcher

Called the Matador rocket launcher, this beast is meant to break through brick walls and vehicle exteriors. With two automatic settings, the launcher can be set to send two rockets quickly, one after another, to take down difficult walls, or spread them out so that the first rocket breaks down a wall and the second attacks whatever was on the other side of that wall.

The scheduled grenade launcher

This highly intelligent weapon not only launches grenades up to 2,300 feet, but allows the shooter to time exactly when the grenade explodes. It also has laser features and a short barrel comparable in size to a cannon. Appropriately it’s called the XM25 smart grenade launcher.

The folding machine gun

You read that right. This firearm was built for the U.S. Secret Service and it folds up to look like a laptop battery. Officially called the Magpul FMG-9, this gun can shoot off a nine-millimeter, 30-round clip and fits in a back pocket.

The lightest shotgun

The AA12 Atchisson assault shotgun is so user friendly and light, it can be shot from the hip with just one hand. The gun can send out five shells per second, but it can also send out explosives and grenades.

The video grenade launcher

If someone’s in a tight spot and can’t see what they’re shooting at, the Corner Shot 40mm grenade launcher can see for them. This little device comes with a digital camera and video screen that give the shooter a preview of where his amo will go. The weapon shoots 60-millimeter rounds, tear gas and explosives.

The versatile grenade launcher

The M32 multiple grenade launcher can shoot six 40-milimeter grenades in less than six seconds, but it can also shoot essentially tiny cameras that parachute to the ground and capture battle footage and some of the most explosive projectiles out there.

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