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The Hottest College Football Fans Ever
There are no fans like college football fans. They’re ready to do any crazy thing to get their team pumped up. From wearing unofficial mascot customs, covering them selves in body paint and any other antic they can think of. But what about the other percent of fans that simply got to the game and look hot for their team. This list is dedicated to them.

ASU Fans
If you ever end up at a football game at Arizona State University you’ll be amongst one of the most rambunctious student body in college sports. Not only will you be around some of the most active student, you will notice all of the hotties that are in attendance. It will make you want to enroll if you haven’t already.
Erika Fernandez
Erika Fernandez is a resident of San Diego, California and a fan of college football. She like to go to tailgates and toss the football around. It’s the competitive spirit that makes her a football fan. It’s her competitiveness and her looks that make her one of the hottest college football fans on the list.
Brandy Knight is a dedicated and diehard fan of the Knights of the University of Central Florida. Her dedication will extend to putting black and gold paint all over her body to support her team. It doesn’t get any more dedicated or hotter than that.
Meet Felicia Richard. She’s a fan of the LSU Tigers. Her favorite tailgating activity is everyone’s favorite tailgating activity, and that’s drinking with friends. Felicia is a Louisiana native, so football and tailgating is nothing new to her. She makes it look better than what it already is.
Chastity Nichole
Chastity Nichole is an Oklahoma Sooners fan and can prove it. She isn’t just a pretty face in the crowd. Nicole can tell you the number of conference championships, the number of national titles won and the year, total number of bowl wins, the number of Heisman Trophy winner, and the number of All-Americans that has been produced by the Oklahoma Sooners football program. For more information about the Sooners, please ask Chastity.
Vanessa Robbins
From the land of Nike, Vanessa Robbins is a native of Oregon. It’s no surprise that her favorite college football team is the Oregon University Ducks. Vanessa enjoys the snow so bearing the cold football weather is a pleasure for her. She would make the perfect football game companion.
The UNLV Rebels have never been an impressive football team. To be honest it’s not the football team we’re paying attention to. It’s the abundance of beautiful women that are in attendance at those games. Maybe they’re a distraction for the players causing them to suck so bad.
Ashley Russell
A sports reporter, Ashley Russell is a Norte Dame fan. Unlike the football team that have alternating good and bad seasons, Ashley Russell always looks good. Whether she is cheering them on or reporting about how bad of a game they had, Ashely can catch your attention better than players can catch the ball.
Cal Fans
The University of California in Berkley is an institution for the Einstein’s of the country. Sports haven’t been their strong suit, especially in football. There are a plethora of good looking women who cheer them on anyway. Not to mention that they are really smart. Pretty and smart is always a winning combination.
Colorado Fans
Colorado is now known for being one of the one of the first states to make recreational weed smoking legal. This list will acknowledge how hot the universities fan base is. Another school that isn’t known for having a winning football program, that may be because everyone is stoned these days. If a cutie with a doobie is your cup of tea, Colorado is the place you want to be.
Nerbaska Fans
The University of Nebraska even has a name and website for their hot fan base. The Husker Hotties. This school knows it has hot students and is proud of it. Why shouldn’t they be? The Huskers football team is not bad. They’re one of the teams that are always playing on TV, so spotting one of the Husker Hotties.
Paige Duke
Paige Duke is a pageant contestant and professional model, and she bleeds orange for her Clemson Tigers. The former Hooters girl is not the only one. Clemson is home to many southern belles that love football and their Tigers even more.
Cincinnati Fans
The Bearcats of the University of Cincinnati has some pretty hot fans. Their BCS bowl game against Florida made that evident. Even though they lost the hot fans in the crowd convinced some high school senior boys to apply there. Hurray for alternative recruitment methods.
Nicole Spencer
A real down south gem, Nicole likes slinging mud in a 4 x 4, surfing, riding horses and her Gamecocks. Nicole isn’t the only good looking South Carolina Gamecock fan, but she just might be the hottest one we can find. The Gamecocks have up and downs seasons but they can always count on their gorgeous fans to support them.
Auburn Fans
Always an SEC favorite and no stranger to bowl game titles. I’m not sure what a war eagle and a tiger have to do with each other, but who cares. The fans are hot. Deep in Alabama, Auburn is a school that has stood as tall as their Crimson Tide rivals. Their fans hotness level are pretty equal too.

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