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These 11 Sets of Eyebrows are Just Plain Stupid
Eyebrow game is a term usually used to describe someone with a perfect set of eyebrows. For instance, someone might say that Demi Lovato has good eyebrow game because she has killer eyebrows. Megan Fox is also known to have good eyebrow game, as does Cara Delevigne and Lily Collins. And then there are those women who perhaps have bad eyebrow game and so they try and help their game along by enhancing their eyebrows in some way – wether making them appear fuller or thinner or giving them more shape. Often these women don’t have a f*cki’ clue what they are doing and they end up looking like slutty clowns.
On that note, here are 15 sets of eyebrows that are just plain stupid!

This girl has no idea just how much she looks like an Oompa-Loompa from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Her eyebrows look like her little brother colored them in with a Sharpie when she was sleeping. If only the eyebrows were the only thing wrong with the face, but that eye makeup and very light light lipstick against what appears to be a self- tanner aren’t really doing anything to help the poor girl. And also please note the bra strap – niiiiiice.
Her eyebrows actually look like a bug’s antenna, and we mean no disrespect to bugs. If you’re a bug please don’t write in to us and say you were offended by our comparison. Her facial expression makes us think she is someone who is also feeling a bit… surprised, a bit… cheeky, a bit… cunning. Of course all of these emotions require a very particular eyebrow which most people simply aren’t born with. In other words, the girl did what she had to do.
Ay dios mio…
We want so much for this face to be in conjunction with a costume, but we are nervous to think that it is not, that it just is this way because the owner of the face feels this is what looks good. And who are we to say that ridiculous fake penned in eyebrows and eyemakeup from an old 1993 KISS concert looks bad?
First of all, is this a mugshot? Because it looks like a mugshot. And if it is a mugshot then we would wonder if this young “lady” is often in trouble with the law? And if she is often in trouble with the law, then we would say her eyebrows are genius because they clearly say, “You ain’t getting nuttin outta me.” Talk about a poker face. Go head, interrogate her, see if you can make heads or tails of her facial expressions.
Well someone tried very hard to look disconcerted today. What we’d like to think is this woman drew inspiration for her eyebrows from the silhouette of a bird in flight against the backdrop of a cerulean sky. But what is more likely the case is she’s a bit of an idiot and just thinks these ridiculous brows look good.
Our second Oompa-Loompa of the day! Same thick eyebrows, same orange face, same dumba** white lips. What is going on? Is this some kind of a joke and we’re not in on it? It has to be a joke right? Now we see actual hair under the ink so we know she didn’t lose a bet and have her actual eyebrows shaved off – so what gives?
If you or a loved one are missing sperm, we may have just found them. If you yourself are a spermatozoa and are offended by our comparison, please don’t call or email us – we don’t give a load if we upset you. Now, onto this young lady’s ridiculous eyebrows. Well, to be really honest, we kind of like ‘em despite their ridiculousness. She somehow pulls them off – well done.
Flower power has lost its power in this image. Although we appreciate her attempt at being unique in her ridiculousness, she still looks ridiculous. And we aren’t entirely sure about the orange eyeshadow above the eye and the yellow below the eye. Again unqiue and again, ridic.
We think we have another mugshot here and we are wondering if this woman was arrested for having the most obnoxious eyebrows in the history of face. Did she get her inspiration from a set of quotation marks? And what exactly is her face quoting? Whatever it is, it seems to be using an extreme amount of vulgarity.
This lady is sporting a comb up and it’s positively terrifying, like she has two giant hairy spiders on her face. The smile she is sporting tells us she seems pretty pleased with herself so she obviously is oblivious to the major offense right above her eyes. Ah, ignorance is indeed bliss. Yeah, no, we’re definitely kind of creeped out by this lady.
We admit, It’s a bit hard to concentrate on her ridiculous eyebrows when just down the street from them are ridiculous boobs. Some of the biggest and fakest we’ve ever seen – the boobs not the eyebrows. We will give this woman points for almost perfectly matching her eye shadow to her blouse.

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