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BUSTED! 35 Celebs Caught Red-Handed in Cheating Scandals



35. Eddie Cibrian and Brandi Glanville

Before Cibrian filed for divorce from Real Housewife Brandi, he was rumored to be having an affair with country singer Leann Rimes. Cibrian filed for divorce and custody of the couples sons in 2009 citing irreconcilable differences. After he officially filed, Cibrian went public with his Rimes, when they were spotted leaving for a romantic trip to Cabo San Lucas. Cibrian and Rimes got hitched in 2011.

34. Tiki Barber and Ginny Barber

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackTiki Barber was a huge NFL talent and popular running back for the New York Giants for eleven years. Tiki isn’t the first professional athlete to get tangled up in a cheating scandal. Tiki was accused of cheating on his wife Ginny with a 23 year old named Traci Johnson. Tiki and Ginny had been married for 11 years and divorced in 2009 after the news went public. Apparently, there was some truth behind the rumor, because Tiki married Traci Johnson in 2012, the couple welcomed a daughter in 2013.

33. Sean Diddy Combs and Kim Porter

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackCombs and Porter have been on again and off again for years. On one of their breaks, Combs famously had a relationship with Jennifer Lopez, which ended in 2000 after he proposed to her. After that relationship, Combs and Porter reunited and in 2007 Combs admitted to cheating on Porter and fathering a child. In an interview with OK magazine she said “I’m aware that he’s cheated.” J.Lo had the same thing to say about her time with Diddy, she told Vibe magazine that even though she never caught Diddy, she knew that he was unfaithful to her as well.

32. Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackPhillippe and Witherspoon made an adorable couple. After they wed in 1999 they had two adorable kids together. The seemingly perfect relationship had troubles though, and they announced their formal separation in 2006 amidst rumors that Phillippe was having an affair with Abbie Cornish. Ryan met Abbie on the set of the film “Stop-Loss” and they dated from 2007 until February of 2010.

31. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackThe stars of Twilight did not get their happy ending, unlike the characters they played in the popular series. The duo broke up after Stewart admitted to having an affair with Rupert Sanders while she was filming “Snow White and the Huntsman.” Stewart did issue an apology stating “This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry.” R.Patz and K.Stew weren’t the only ones effected by the affair, Rupert Sanders and his wife Liberty Ross called it quits and separated in the wake of the scandal. Rumor has it that Sanders is holding out hope of renewing his connection to Stewart and would like a future with her.

30. Mary Louise Parker

Mary Louise Parker and Billy Crudup were together for almost seven years before Crudup abruptly left the “Weeds” star when she was seven months pregnant with their first child. What could prompt a man to leave his girlfriend when she is about to give birth to their baby? Another woman. Crudup fell in love with another actress, Claire Danes. Danes and Crudup met while they were shooting “Stage Beauty.” Billy and Claire continued being a couple for three years after he dumped Parker, but their relationship didn’t last either, and they broke up in December of 2006.

29. LeAnn Rimes and Dean Sheremet

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackLeAnn has a nasty habit of infidelity in relationships, before her affair with Eddie Cibrian broke up his marriage, she was married to Dean Sheremet. While she was married to Dean, she was rumored to be cheating on him with a co-star from her Lifetime movie. These rumors were confirmed when Rimes posted this on her website, “After much thoughtful mutual consideration, Dean and I have agreed to move forward with dissolving our marriage. This decision was amicable and we remain committed and caring friends with great admiration for one another.”

28. Larry King and Shawn Southwick

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackLarry King had been married six other times before he married Shawn, a woman 26 years younger than him. During their marriage the couple welcomed two sons together before Southwick left King and filed for divorce. The split was prompted after Southwick heard through the “National Enquirer” that King had been cheating on her with her little sister! It was also rumored that Southwick was having an affair with her son’s baseball coach, which Southwick has denied. Ultimately, the couple decided that they loved each other and their family too much to break it apart, so they called off the divorce.

27. Usher and Chilli

Rumors that Usher cheated on Chilli seemed to be confirmed on his 2004 album “Confessions” which was released after they broke up in 2003. However, Chilli tells a different story, according to an interview with BET, Chilli stated: “We were together when he recorded that album,” “All of those songs on Confessions, that was about Jermaine Dupri’s situation. Usher was just singing it. But people kind of bought into it, it was just the timing of our breakup when the album came out. So people assumed that album was about us, but it was not.” “We broke up because I guess it was that time or whatever,” she continued, adding “he was that real love for me.”

26. Kris Jenner

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackIn Jenner’s book “Kris Jenner and All Things Kardashian” she admitted to cheating on her husband Robert Kardashian. Kris confessed that this “insanely intense affair” happened after having their four children. According to Robert Kardashian’s diaries which were revealed by his second wife Ellen Pierson, Kris took Khloe on dates with her boyfriend and then made Khloe lie to her father about their outings.

25. Sienna Miller and Jude Law

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackJude Law and Sienna Miller have shared a rocky relationship road. During their marriage Law had an affair with the couple’s nanny, Daisy Wright. Law issued a public statement apologizing to Miller for his indiscretions, stating that he is “deeply ashamed.” Wright gave an extremely detailed account of the affair to Britain’s Daily Mirror. Law and Miller briefly rekindled their romance in 2009 but announced their break up in 2011.

24. Kobe Bryant and Vanessa

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackKobe Bryant may be one of the most recognized and popular players in the NBA, but one thing Bryan does not have a good reputation for is being a husband. Bryan has been busted several times for cheating on former wife Vanessa. Bryant and Vanessa split after 10 years of marriage. According to TMZ some of Bryant’s teammates had been quite open about Bryant’s infidelity and Vanessa heard about it. The first time that Bryant was accused of cheating, he was also charged with the rape of a 19 year old girl. Vanessa valiantly stood by her man and defended him during the allegations, but the latest round of cheating speculation prompted Vanessa to take a permanent break from her relationship with the basketball player.

23. Kelly Osbourne and Luke Worrall

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackOsbourne and Worrall took their personal problems very public when they engaged in a social networking war against each other on Facebook in 2010 after they ended their two year relationship. Osbourne posted, “Luke Worrall makes me sick!!!” According to reports, Osbourne broke it off with Luke after she found out that Worrall had been stepping out on her. Turns out Worrall was cheating on Kelly with a transgender woman. Kelly said that telling her parents that the love of her life had cheated on her was humiliating. You’ve got to admit, it takes a very brave man to cheat on Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter.

22. Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren

Golf’s golden boy Tiger Woods suffered a major blow to his image when an early morning car accident clued the world into the numerous affairs Tiger was carrying on behind his wife Elin’s back. Tiger and Elin were married in 2004 and welcomed two children together but Tiger still strayed. Quite a bit actually, what seemed like a never-ending stream of women came forward to admit to having affairs with Tiger. Nordegren left Tiger and the couple have divorced.

19. Josh Duhamel and Fergie

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackAn exotic dancer named, Nicole Forrester, claimed to have had a one-night stand with Duhamel in Atlanta. Duhamel has denied her claims and Fergie is standing by his side. Forrester took a lie detector test and says she has texts to prove that they did spend the night together. Whether or not Josh strayed, he and Fergie seem to be genuinely happy together and they welcomed their son Axl in August of 2013. Fergie is even saying that the couple plans on having another child in the future.

18. Jessica Szohr and Ed Westwick

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackThe Gossip Girl alums have been on again and off again for years. The costars began dating in 2008 and broke up in 2010. The breakup was allegedly caused by Jessica Szohr’s constant infidelity; Jessica was rumored to be seeing several different men before parting ways with Ed. Since their breakup every so often the pair will pop up in public looking very couple-ish, but they’ve avoided confirming or denying their relationship status.

17. Katharine Mcphee and Michael Morris

Apparently neither Katharine nor Michael are going to let the fact that they are married to other people stand in their way of being together. McPhee and Morris were spotted in a lip lock during the day and didn’t seem to be the least bit concerned about who saw (or photographed) them. TMZ reports that McPhee’s marriage to Nick Cokas and Michael’s marriage to Mary McCormack aren’t stopping the pair for openly dating each other. Michael and Mary have three daughters together and it’s been rumored that “Smash” star and Cokas have been separated for around six months.

16. Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman

What is it about Hollywood husbands and their nannies? Ethan Hawke cheated on Uma with their children’s nanny. Thurman and Hawke were married for six years before divorcing in 2004. Thurman left the marriage after she learned that Ethan was having an affair with their nanny. Ethan would never admit to the affair, but actions speak louder than words, and Hawke married the nanny Ryan Shawhughes after his divorce with Uma was final. Ethan fathered two kids with Uma and two kids with Shawhughes.

15. Jesse James and Sandra Bullock

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackJesse and Sandra seemed to be incredibly happy together, in fact, they were in the process of adopting a son when the news broke. Bullock left her husband, Jesse James, after hearing that he was cheating on her with Michelle McGee. McGee stated that James gave her the idea that he and Bullock were separated and that she would have never dated him if she had known that he was still married. McGee issued a public apology to Bullock, but the marriage was clearly over. Bullock and James divorced and Sandra continued with the adoption and made the transition from married woman to single mom look like a piece of cake.

14. Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant

Everyone loved the pairing of Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant. They were an adorable couple, he was the goofy yet lovable leading man and she was a gorgeous supermodel, they appeared to be deeply in love and committed to each other, until Grant was busted after picking up a prostitute, Divine Brown in 1995. Initially Hurley supported Grant through the scandal and attempted to make their relationship work. However, the couple called it quits in 2000.

13. Billy Bob Thornton and Laura Dern

When Laura Dern left live-in love Billy Bob Thornton to film a movie she had no idea that her entire life would get flipped upside down. While Dern was away, the cat played a very naughty game! Thornton married Angelina Jolie, seemingly out of the blue, while Dern was on location for her movie. When Dern was questioned about the turn of events, she stated “I left our home to go and make a movie, and while I was away my boyfriend got married, and I never heard from him again.” Thornton and Jolie carried on a strange marriage, wearing vials of each other’s blood around their necks and other odd acts, before they finally divorced and Angie became half of Brangelina.

12. Halle Berry and Eric Benet

What was Benet thinking when he cheated on Berry? Berry, who has been named one of People magazines “50 Most Beautiful People” in 2004, left Benet after he admitted to cheating on her. Benet claims that he was a sex addict and was being treated for it during their marriage. Poor Halle, this Benet wasn’t the first man to cheat on her, Berry’s former baseball player hubby, David Justice was rumored to be chronically unfaithful to Berry, which reportedly led to big emotional problems for Halle.

11. Eva Longoria and Tony Parker

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackTony and Eva were a joy to watch, they seemed to have a fairy tale love story and they appeared beyond happy together. Their relationship was shattered when Tony Parker, of the San Antonio Spurs, broke Longoria’s heart after revealing his affair. According to People magazine, Longoria said that she was “totally and completely blindsided” with the news. They filed for divorce in 2010 citing irreconcilable differences. Since then Longoria has largely focused on her career and has become a major advocate for immigrant’s rights.

10. Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackClaire has earned herself quite a reputation in Hollywood for her romantic exploits, one of the most infamous being her affair with Billy Crudup which seemed to begin while Crudup was still with then seven-month pregnant girlfriend, Mary Louise Parker. They dated for three years before Claire left him for handsome British actor of “Hannibal” fame, Hugh Dancy. Dancy and Danes got married in 2009 and welcomed a baby boy, Cyrus, in 2012.

9. Claire Danes and Ben Lee

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackDanes meet Lee in 1997 after her BFF Winona Ryder introduced them to each other. Winona flew the musician in from Australia to meet Danes after Claire confided to Ryder that she had a crush on the Aussie. They dated until 2003 when they ended their relationship because rumors were flying that Danes was cheating on Lee with Billy Crudup. Before the breakup the cute couple were inseparable and shared a soho loft, it was rumored that they even attended couples counseling to save their relationship.

8. Christina Milian

Milian and her husband, The Dream, decided to separate after some photos of a woman straddling The Dream (aka Terius Nash) in the Caribbean surfaced on the internet. The woman in the photos was identified as his assistant Melissa Santiago. The “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” stars split with the dream came shortly after she gave birth to daughter, Violet Madison Nash. Even though Nash was the one who did the cheating, he was distraught over the breakup and admitted to contemplating suicide.

7. Ali Landry

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackTalk about a nightmare, after dating for six years Ali and Mario tied the knot. After their beautiful wedding Landry found out Mario’s dirty little secret, he had been cheating on her for years. As if it couldn’t get any worse, she discovered that he had allegedly had a fling the day before the wedding and after the wedding. The marriage only lasted two weeks of marriage since Landry discovered her hubby’s wayward ways. Since the breakup the couple have enjoyed less scandalous relationships.

6. Adrienne Bailon and Robert Kardashian

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackThe former “Cheetah Girl” and the lone member of the Kardashian clan with testosterone seemed like a perfect couple who loved each other deeply. Rob even had Adrienne’s name tattooed across his chest. Bailon made regular appearances on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” and attended Khloe’s wedding to Lamar Odom. Then rumors began circulating that Rob was cheating on Adrienne, turns out the rumors were true, and they couple split.

5. Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackAs Desi Arnaz would say in “I Love Lucy”…”You have some ‘splaining to do.” And Kutcher definitely does. After he cheated on Moore some pictures of him and his alleged mistress showed up. Demi left Kutcher after 6 years of marriage because of the alleged rumors of his affair with Sara Leal. After Demi and Ashton broke up, Demi ended up in a downward spiral and ended up taking a trip to rehab. Meanwhile Ashton began romancing former “That 70’s Show” co-star Mila Kunis. Ashton and Mila seem to be the real deal, they are engaged and rumored to be expecting their first child together.

4. Claire Danes and Billy Crudup

Crudup fell in love with actress, Claire Danes while with Mary Louise Parker. Danes and Crudup met while they were shooting “Stage Beauty.” Billy and Claire continued being a couple for three years after he dumped Parker, but their relationship didn’t last either because Danes left him for Hugh Dancy in 2006. Dancy and Danes are now happily married with a son.

3. Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook

Cook and Brinkley broke up after his affair with 17 year old Diana Bianchi was revealed. The supermodel was totally blindsided and from the moment of the reveal, the former couple battled each other in what is easily one of Hollywood’s longest and nastiest divorces. He called her a famewhore, she called him a deadbeat dad, and we’re sure it got way worse than that.They finally settled the divorce in 2012.

2. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

Pitt and Aniston spilt after rumors heated up that Pitt was having an affair with Angelina Jolie after they played husband and wife in the movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” The triangle was splashed across the tabloids for years, Pitt and Aniston divorced in 2006. At first Pitt and Jolie denied that they’d had an affair, but as the years went on they admitted to falling in love on the set. Every so often the tabloids will try to incite a renewed rivalry between the three, but Jennifer is happily engaged to Justin Theroux and Pitt and Jolie seem to have the kind of relationship that often eludes Hollywood’s brightest stars. Brad and Angie have six children together, three biological and three adopted, and they appear to be more in love than ever.

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver

photo-courtesyof-wenn-blackArnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver were always one of those couples that seemed destined to last forever. When the couple began dating, it seemed like an odd match, but throughout the years they became one of the few celebrity couples that managed to stay together for more than a few months or years. And then we learned that Arnold had cheated on Maria during their 25 years of marriage, adding insult to injury, Arnold’s affair was with the couple’s housekeeper, and the affair resulted in a son who was around ten years old when the story went public. Arnold and Maria separated after the news broke and Maria filed for divorce, but since then the proceedings seem to have stalled.
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