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Dencia comes for South African who called her out for condemning Xenophobic attacks

Dencia took to her instagram to react to the current strings of Xenophobic attacks happening in South Africa. She posted this picture above and wrote;
"Late #NelsonMandela is somewhere weeping for our people, I can't believe my eyes,how do you fight against apartheid and end up with this years later?if it's not boko haram in Nigeria,it's Al-Shabaab somewhere in Kenya or Somalia and I can go on and on.What happened to just loving one another?what is my beloved continent,mother Africa turning into? Where did parents go wrong with their kids?
That's when a South African came on Dencia's page to call her out for condemning the act, saying she should face her cream business. Trust dencia, she dragged the South African through hot coals..

Dencia continues...

Last week I told Nick cooper who told me his friends where trying to move to S.A that he might not believe it but America as bad as it is might be safer for a black man than S.A then this happens smh.Who starts this nonsense?why oh why,lord Jesus where thou art?please heal our land,hear our cry,lord we need your mercy &I we need your grace today,hear us as we pray,we pray for world peace,we pray for love,we pray for our brothers and sisters,we pray for unity #Xenophobia #SouthAfrica #love #peace"
Below is the response from the South African...
Dencia's reply to the South African below
In my previous post,as an African and as a human being who feels the pain and suffering of others,I put up my previous post about what's happening in S.A & the post ���� is@sanzkiddiesparties (she changed from @zonacath to ����here's the meaning of xen·o·pho·bi·a - intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries. It's funny how the same reason why people are getting killed is her excuse she used under my post.I had to put her on blast because she clearly has the mentality of the people who are killing others in S.A as I type.Incase u didn't know miss thang let me school u,don't let the glitz and glam fool u,I am very much an African who was raised in an African country not as developed as S.A,I moved to America in Dec 2006 for college and yes I do reside in America & I am a naturalized citizen of America from the day I came here but I am still an African Queen,I don't have to be a South African citizen or live in South Africa to be worried about what's happening there,My mom who is a UN worker works in that country every now and then,my brother lived there for years and guess what,these people losing their lives could have been my direct family members but because they aren't doesn't mean I can't speak of the issues happening in my continent,don't think because u live in Africa makes u more of an African than I am or will ever be.i studied enough about SA history when I took African history classes,I probably know more about sA than ur dumb ass. I travel to African countries for work and charity purposes (something u might not know about because u could never do it in other countries because it's not SA) I hope u raise your kids to think better and be better individuals.Until then bitch have a seat on a volcano in Mandela square ��#YouJustGotServed P.S I am definitely facing my creams cuz chile they millions I get from it�� u might need to face ur wack life,we all know how hard it is out there 4 a bitch like u.
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