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Truth about why Harry Styles and Nadine Leopold split?

One Direction: Truth about why Harry Styles and Nadine Leopold split? Is he dating Suki Waterhouse or Chelsea Handler?

Is he dating Suki Waterhouse or Chelsea Handler?

A few months ago, it looked like things were getting serious between One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles and stunning model, Nadine Leopold…
However, when Harry and his band mates left the UK to kick off their On the Road Again Tour in Sydney in February, there were rumous that Harry and Nadine had split up, but no-one seemed quite sure why.

That said, Hollywood Lifereport that Nadine ditched Harry because she feared he was “playing games” with her affections and had no intention of committing fully to her or their relationship.
Of that, the Franchise Herald states, “She allegedly wanted commitment from Styles which he couldn’t give her.”
Well, I have to say that I personally take the above with a large pinch of salt, because the fact is, there’s a really lot of evidence to attest to how much of a gentleman Harry is, and none, zero, zilch to point at him being a lothario who toys with the affections of his girlfriends…
Harry Styles tattoo 9
Furthermore, his respect for women has again been demonstrated time and again, so yes, for me, the intimation that he was “playing” with Nadine is ludicrous.
But of course, bottom line, nobody but Harry and Nadine know what did or did not transpire between them, however, in the meantime, it’s also been rumoured that Harry is rather keen to date Bradley Cooper’s ex, Suki Waterhouse.
Of the rumours that Harry and Suki could be about to embark on a romance, or already have, one of those famous/infamous unnamed sources told Heat magazine, “He would love to take her out…
“They’ve had each other’s numbers a while – it won’t be long until he’s asking her for a date.”
However, the romance rumour mill has churned out another name too in that Celeb Dirty Laundry claim that Harry has his eye on TV star Chelsea Handler as well!
That speculation came about after Chelsea posted the image below on her Instagram account, and as you can see, she has Harry’s name emblazoned on her bikini bottoms, as you do…
harry styles chelsea handler instagram
We’ll have more One Direction news soon, but for now, here’s a look at what might happen on a date with Harry…
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