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5 tips on how to talk about sex in a relationship without sounding like a pervert

If you are seeing someone new or just have started dating a new lover, then you might want to mention to the sex topic now and then, be it about your new lover’s sexy secrets and kinks.
Do not worry; it is very normal to be curious about the sexual appetite as well as experiences of your partner. Knowing the wants, needs, and past endeavors of your partner will draw both of you together and also strengthen your bond. Despite it is rather awkward to bring things sexual, particularly if you are newly lovers with each other or are still in the “getting to know” stages. They key to bring it up is timing. So, if you want to know how to talk about sex subtly without sounding like a pervert, then you are at the right place because here we offer you some important tips to get your lover (oftentimes, girl) open up about sex. This entry is made by!
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When it comes to tips on how to talk about sex, the easiest way you could do is to let her bring it up. This might sound hard and take time, yet with some gently pointed dates, she might be broaching the subject sooner than you think. For instance, you can have a movie night either at the cinema or at home. Opt for the movies related to that subject, like 50 Shades of Grey or Fatal Attraction, and then have a casual conversation about the subject afterwards. You can ask her some questions so you could draw out her sexy secrets without making sounding like a pervert. Let her feel entirely in control in this circumstance.


Have you ever played this type of game? This game features with a few people sitting around the table with glasses of drinks of their choices. The first one begins with an “I never” confession like “I have never tried avocado pie before.” then, those who have tried this type of pie will do a shot. After that, everyone takes turns with their own confessions.
Maybe, the more glasses are taken, the steamier you could make the “I never”. In order to draw out your own girl, you could use some questions such as “I never want to get frisky in the morning” or any other naughty statements of that nature.
That way, you could learn something about your girlfriend and also learn about other friends. By having a group play this game, she will feel more comfortable answering the questions as there are mutual friends are in on it.


In regard to tips on how to talk about sex subtly, playing games is considered as a great way to get your girl open up about almost anything. Game are funny and create the proper atmosphere making it easier to talk about awkward things – and if the questions become too embarrassing or racy, you could both laugh at it and blame that game.


When your girl begins talking about that topic, you might start to get excited, yet it is crucial that you do not pounce on the topic or go over-broad with tons of questions. As a result, she will feel uncomfortable. In reality, the more indifferent and casual you seem to your girlfriend, the more comfortable she feels about it.
Normally, she might begin to get a little steamier if she sees you not get into it. Nevertheless, do not force your conversation to get somewhere sexual. Believe me, once the girl wants to take topic and turn it into the steamy foreplay, she will not be shy about taking it there.
Among many tips on how to talk about sex, this is very basic. Whilst you might think you want to know about the sex life of her before you, or about her sexual fantasies, the reality tends to not be so important, yet you might begin to get jealous and even judge her. Thus, it is necessary for you to avoid doing this if you really want her to open up with your in the upcoming time.
If you find one or some of her sexual fantasies immoral or disgusting, you should still not be disrespectful to her. After all, they are just fantasies. When you being to feel uncomfortable with the subject, just simply kiss her rather than talk any more.
Apart from 5 basic ways on how to talk about sex with a girl above, it is important to assess the mood of your lover before jumping into a sexual conversation. Women, in fact, love to talk about sex as much as men do, if timing is right. Just make sure that your girl feel comfortable with you and feel respected when discovering her sexual fantasies. Keep the mood light, express an attitude which is no pressure are the key to help your lover open up about that topic.
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