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Prophetic Pointer: Second Confidence

Around forty years ago God baptised us into the Holy Spirit. As God revealed His kingdom we paid huge prices to make it a reality among us. People laid everything down and put their trust in God. We didn’t know how it was going to pan out but we knew God, and that was all the certainty we needed.

Of course no church has continued forever perfectly. The success we knew often led into a prideful confidence. God is bringing us low and making us a weeping church again, we are knowing a deeper level of humility as a people. We must face the reality that we are not living in the victory of Jesus we once knew, but even so, God is still with us. We have an incredible richness and depth among us, which we will need for the way ahead.

Have you heard of the supposed lifecycle of movements, “Man-movement-machine-monument”? We cannot believe the Creator of the universe can be stuck in a pattern like that, like His creations are all doomed to failure. I break that lie of inevitability! That’s natural thinking, not faith in God. Sure, there are seasons of life and death but God will always be faithful to those who are faithful to Him.

God wants to honour us but can only honour our faith, not our complacent arrogance. Our self-confidence doesn’t count for anything before Him. God is
pushing us to our knees, making us lower, less confident in ourselves, more confident in Him.

God wants to bring us a second confidence. This second confidence will be better than our first confidence, because it will be born out of knowing
our need of God and our faith in Him.

This new confident faith in God is our greatest need.

The way ahead isn’t certain, but faith provides its own certainty. We must be grateful for uncertainty as without it there can be no room for faith. As Corrie Ten Boom rightly exhorted we must “never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”

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