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The 5 Lifestyles of The Extremely Desirable Woman

I spent the whole of my past 10 years since when I was 15 looking for any woman who does not desire to be admired by a man and I was unable to see and I asked myself why?
And I need you to help me answer the question; Why?
Every woman wants to look good and they are bent on the adage that says looking good is good business and my 1o 18 years old niece also fit into that adage of looking good
I don’t know a woman alive who doesn’t want to be desirable to men. You know, if they’re heterosexual. And yet, women engage in an overabundance of sacraments to accomplish this goal only to achieve insincere desirability.

Sure, healthy hair, manicured nails and smart accessories make us more appealing. But these things only scratch the surface. The desirable woman is a more layered creature than what readily meets the eye. To some women, what you see is all there is while to some other women, all you see is beyond all there is and to some women what you see is all they are So, once that handsome specimen spots you from across the crowded cyber room, what then? Will he invest months, let alone years, into a relationship with you because you’ve managed to achieve a coveted flawless complexion? No, no he won’t.
Men look beyond those coveted flawless complexion nowadays. In as much as they desired a beautiful woman, they also desired that the beautiful woman has a brain to complement that coveted flawless complexion.
If you concur to that let me see you nod to that.

Ride on; here are the 5 lifestyles of the extremely desirable woman. She:

1. Takes care of herself.

We’ve already established that self-care is more than grooming. First, let’s be clear, being a woman today, with its myriad of roles and responsibilities, is no cakewalk. You’re expected to balance the demands of a wife, mother, professional, daughter, and more…without breaking a sweat. This is precisely why you’ve got to put you at the top of your to-do lists.
First, your happiness  and emotional well-being are your responsibility. Want to know the true fountain of youth?  Besides energy, youthfulness and clear skin, working out 3-4 times a week builds confidence. And fit women are more assertive in their relationships? I’m not joking.

2.Has self-confident.

Want to be irresistible to men?
I thought so. Okay, then be confident. Men say confidence is the best accessories that a woman can wear. Here’s how…
a. Embrace your uniqueness.
b. Stop comparing
yourself with other women. Know that another’s woman’s beauty, charm; smarts…do not negate you in any way. If you want to be magnetic, be confident.

3. Declines to compete with other women.

You can’t escape other beautiful women. There will always be a woman at the gala that turns heads, including the head of your date. (Sorry about that) But don’t despair. Remember No.2. Don’t compete. The only thing you should compete with is your yesterday. Don’t trash other women to your date. And resist the urge to “piss on the tree.” That is, don’t kiss, hug, or wipe dressing from your man’s mouth solely to mark your territory. See, competing screams, “I’m insecure! I feel inadequate!” Calm down and whisper sweet nothings in your own ear.

4. Doesn’t chase men.

Whatever you do ladies, never, ever, ever, ever chase a man. Especially don’t run down a cheating man.  But let’s not go there just yet; let’s first start at the beginning. Do show interest by flirting. If you don’t know what that looks like it’s intentional eye contact, a “that’s a nice shirt” or “there’s something about a man that wears fragrance!” If he’s interested, he’ll make a move. If he isn’t, smile graciously and move on. I seriously doubt that there’s anything more attractive than a woman who KNOWS she’s alluring. No matter what Do. Not. Chase. Cling. Clutch. Or Claw at a man.

Now about cheating lovers. The biggest mistake a woman can make when her man cheats is to NOT upset the applecart. You need to disturb the status quo, put some emotional distance between you and the cheater. See, when a woman pours more into a man after learning he has strayed her actions scream two things: 1. I think I’m not enough, that’s why you cheated and No.2. I’ll compromise my dignity and compete for your attention. Wrong. Remember No.3 above, the desirable woman does NOT compete with other women. Drop him. Distance yourself. He must FEEL your absence. When he begs your forgiveness and wants to reconcile, reconsider s-l-o-w-l-y. I could read your mind now. I know some of you would be saying that Naija men don’t  begs or are too proud to apologize. Well you find what you seek.

5. Is tranquil.

Laughter, keenness, charm, playfulness, are all traits that men love in women. The fun, easy…to love and like woman is sexy and desirable? Who knew! Men love a lightness of being, are drawn to it and want to contribute to it. They love knowing they make you happy, and if you start out that way, well, it makes being with you that much easier.
Now you know, even if you aren’t the prettiest woman at the ballgame, you can be one of the most desirable when you practice these five habits.

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