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What is your Domestic Score Card?

The rate at which marriages/relationships collapse now is assuming a social symbol status in our society.

In few years time, people will be throwing divorce parties and invite friends and well-wishers to celebrate their divorce anniversaries; they will choose Aso-ebi, hire a hall and popular musicians. 

Even a question like "So when are you getting divorced?" will become a commonplace.

If you FEEL you can't handle the weight and pressures of marriage; please, remain single.

If you do not UNDERSTAND the tenets of marriage; please, remain single until you do.

If you are getting married for SELFISH AMBITIONS for financial gains from the other party, or to satisfy your fantasies, please remain single.

If you want to marry for BEAUTY, then you are not ready. What happens when that beauty fades?

If you’d identified a weakness of UNFAITHFULNESS; please, remain single.

Don't get married out of DESPERATION and FRUSTRATION, because you think you are getting too old.

Don't just get married because of the PRESSURES from your families. They are not the one getting married; you are!

If you desire a successful home and your choice of friends are those whose marriages have collapsed. It is simple - they'll make you drink from their poisoned chalice. Once that happens, your marriage is in a process of dying a slow death. Be very mindful of where you go for advices.

Guys, if you can’t be RESPONSIBLE; please, remain single until you’re matured. There's no way you can abandon the care of your family at the expense of your lifestyle. They are your priority and everything else including you, comes last. You are the teacher, the guide, the bodyguard, the spiritual leader, the role model - you are not a deity. So don't expect to be worshipped. You need respect, earn it by being responsible.

Ladies, if you can't be SUBMISSIVE; please, don't go into marriage so you're not turned to a punching bag or be repatriated! So disheartening how ladies turned a well looking gentle man to be a bully. 

If you can't stand to be CORRECTED, please marry yourself. Don't throw your spinsterhood or garment away if you see respect as a big deal.

To the guys, it’s better to remain in your Bachelor’s Villa than to cause that innocent young lady to live a frustrated and miserable life with you. 

Isn’t it amazing to live our lives to the tune of one man or one woman and not jumping around to seek undesirable comfort? Please check your domestic scorecard- if your score is zero, please stay in your parents' house!

 While you prepare for maturity.
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