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How Single Ladies Can Attract Single Men For Marriage

How Single Ladies Can Attract Single Men For Marriage
You will agree with me that there’re millions of articles out there on causes of delayed marriages, but it is an uphill task to find just one article that seek to help or gives answers on how single ladies can attract single men for marriage. That’s why this article is one in a million and a must read for you.

If you haven’t been able to find and keep a man who will ask you to marry him, I have news for you. The reason you haven’t found him yet is not because there is something wrong with you. The reason you are still single is because you have been making critical mistakes in your approach to meeting men.

See, when you use the wrong approach to meeting men, you unwittingly end up meeting the wrong type of men and chasing the good men away.
This wrong approach causes the good men to lose interest in you, but it attracts the wrong men to you like bees on honey.
If you have been meeting men who are not interested in anything serious, men who won’t commit, men who are emotionally unavailable, men who are still hung up on their ex’s, men who have issues and all kinds of baggage, you know what I am talking about.

And if you can relate to all this, you are probably thinking that there aren’t good men out there, that all men are jerks, have issues and drama.
Well, I have good and bad news for you.
The good news is that there are lots of great, single and available men who are just waiting for the right woman to come along. There are men who want commitment and marriage just as you do.

The bad news is that you haven’t found and met those men because you don’t know how to identify those men who are marriage-minded and family oriented.
How would you like to know exactly how to tell if a man is a player or is a man of integrity from the get go so you don’t waste your time on men who won’t marry you?
How would you like to know exactly what to do to attract the right man?

How would you like to know exactly what to talk about on a first date in order to keep his interest and make him think of you and only you until he sees you the next time even if you’ve just met?
How would you like to know how to date the right man to make him think of you as his future wife?
How would you like to know how to be more confident knowing that your man finds you irresistible?

Are you tired of dating men who don’t commit, cheat on you and break your heart?
Do you want to find the man of your dreams and get married soon?
Find your future husband gives you the exact blueprint through which you can find, attract and marry the right guy for you.
If you are tired of not finding the right guy, or being in a state of limbo with the men you date, will show you how to meet, attract and marry the right man .

1. Decency.

There is a saying that the way you dress is the way you’re addressed. Christian ladies must make sure that they dress and present themselves well. Let me tell you: men are visual and no man, including christian men, who will not recognize when he sees a lady he likes. And how do you as a christian lady attract his attention? By dressing decently viz: covering every part of your body appropriately with outfits that complement your figure; nice shoes; good hair-do and well-manicured/pedicured nails. You may not wear make-up or perfume but if you must wear make-up, it must be moderate, not shouting, so as not to create an impression of who you are not.

2. Confidence.

Confidence is very attractive. As a christian lady, are you always confident in yourself? Do you know your worth and value? Do you love yourself for who you are, and the way you look? Don’t forget: these things show in your personality and carriage. Men get easily attracted to women of confidence. That you’re a christian is not an excuse but you must be careful not to misconstrue confidence as pride or arrogance.

3. Friendly Disposition.

They say: to be a friend, you need to be a friend. Relationships are founded on friendships. So, you have to learn to be friendly. You need to be approachable. Make it possible for people to get along with you easily; always show love, caring and kindness. Learn to wear smiles on your face. This way you would be attracting Godly attention to yourself.

4. Respect for People.

Respect for others is yet another key for attracting Godly men. The truth is: beauty is not the ultimate in marriage but character and personality are. Beauty can attract a man to you but it’s your character that determines whether he stays or not. People normally, especially in the church, observe your character from afar. They want to see if you’re that kind of a christian lady who respects and honors other people. If you are, I would not be surprised to see a Godly man making moves towards getting to know you.

5. Love God.

When you love God with all your heart, mind and soul, HE will make HIS abode in you, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, HE will continually direct your affairs including that of attracting a Godly husband. This love of God will show in everything you do and in the way you relate with people. God says: you are the light of the world. It will become true in your life. People will quickly discern that you would not find it difficult to respect and submit to your husband.

6. Kingdom Service.

There is always an opportunity for you to serve in the church. By genuinely working in God’s vineyard, HE will work in your own vineyard. That is HIS promise! By serving in the choir; being a church warden; or being a member of any other pious society in the church, you showcase yourself for the congregation to evaluate your character and personality. But don’t you ever enter into Kingdom Service because you want to attract a man. Let it be instead, because you love God and you love to serve HIM. That way HE will meet you at the points of your needs.

7. Mistreatment of Men.

As a christian lady who wants to contract a Godly marriage, how do you handle men who approach you? It’s like customer service! Most customers when they are mishandled, they tell as many prospective customers as come their way, how they were mistreated. And this impacts on the company’s sales margin. It is the same when a lady turns down a man rudely. He will spread the ‘gospel’ amongst other faithfuls in the church. You will be portrayed as unapproachable and that will scare other men that were eyeing you and were just waiting for an opportunity to let you know about it. If you’re to turn down a guy you don’t quite like, you’ve got to do it politely with love. God bless you!
The love and fear of God should be the salient guiding principles for christian ladies seeking to attract Godly men for marriage. If everything is done beginning with God, it will surely end with God taking centre-stage of the relationship and eventual marriage.
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