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Nollywood Actress Vera Njoka Ready To Play Sex Roles

Nollywood Actress, Vera Ngoka recently had an interview with The Sun and she talked about her perception and acceptance of sex-related roles in the movie industry. 
Actress Vera Ngoka, is one actress that finds sex roles very convenient. The bold and blunt lady who is open about her feelings, has starred in over a dozen movies includ­ing Madam Gold, Gold in Coffin, Mother & Child and Mother is Gold among others.
Read excerpts from the interview with:
Can you act a sex role?
I can play sex role but it must be refined and it has to be purely on make-belief basis. But I would not be caught playing nude, soft porn or hard core roles; it’s not part of our culture.
What is your view on sex-for-role; does it really exist in the industry?
(Laughter) The industry is a com­munity and people should expect to hear both real and cooked up stories about it. I wouldn’t say that I have never heard about it but the big question is ‘if such things really happen, who is to blame?’ Using myself as an example, I would not rate myself as being bad-looking and I have worked with several directors, pro­ducers and big shots in the industry yet, I have never experienced it. Should we just call that luck? It would be a different game if I decide to adopt the other ap­proach which is ‘using what you have to get what you don’t have.’ In that case, am I not to blame if anything goes awry? So it’s a complicated issue which should not be blamed on one party alone. Desperate artistes can go to the extent of offering their bodies and even saying ‘Sir, please have me in exchange for the role.’ That’s just the truth.
What’s your biggest embarrassment as an actress?
I was shopping at Shoprite in Enugu when suddenly a guy appeared from nowhere, grabbed me from behind, bent my neck backwards and started kissing me roughly inside a boutique. Gush! I was alarmed, afraid, confused and everything. But he was wild and had a firm grip of my neck. So I was careful to avoid being choked in the process. After he freed me I could not control my anger so I landed a dirty slap on his cheek. And then with a raised voice I asked ‘have you gone nuts?’ Do you know what he did? In a calm voice he tendered apologies and said he found my lips irresistibly tempt­ing! He said he knew his action could attract a dirty slap and had prepared him­self for the worst because he did not want to miss the opportunity; can you imagine that? He just ended up spoiling my entire day because his response even confused me the more.
Source: The Sun
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