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7 Helpful Tips To Prioritize Sex In Your Relationship

Focus on Quality Time and not just on Sex
If you are having problems in your sex problems in your relationships, you are certainly not alone. You find a point in many relationships wherein sex life loses its gleam unlike the way it had previously. This may sound a depressing reality though, yet addressing this problem would demand recognizing it as an issue. The very best option of sorting out this problem can be done by talking about your sex life and prioritizing the same. If your sex life is in trouble, you need to prioritize it, which can be done with the following 7 tips as under:

1). Every Couple is Different
Just because your friend comes and say that he enjoys having sex a couple of times in a week doesn’t really mean that its right for your relationship. The fact is there is no thumb rule for the same as every couple is different from the other. If you feel something is missing, better talk to your partner about the relationship. Communication is the best tool to resolve things and relationship is all about you and your partner, which is different from others and hence has to be dealt accordingly.
2). Find the Right Time & Place
Find the Right Time & Place
When you find sex falling by the wayside, you have two common problems- lack of time and place. Generally, today people are very much busy and fail to get any time. They are busy with work or kids, with many parents are seen overloaded with the same. Such people tied up in their daily chores need the right setting. When you and your partner is seen juggling work, events, kids and friends, making things simple can be tough to achieve. Even if you and your partners could be going great yet at times your sexual life can go hay wire. This is simply because sex demands time in relationship and you need to work a lot for the same. At times the partners expect to have sex in the most natural and simple ways, hence prioritizing the same becomes important. Changing place and getting time can help you in this.
3). Avoid Blaming Relationship the very next moment
Avoid Blaming Relationship the very next moment
Worrying about your sex life can be a sign for having bigger issues in relationship. For some couples it may come in the ways of they fight with each other and drift away from each other. However, in a majority of situations, a deprioritize sex life is often a self contained problem. Once again, the time has to be blamed, which partners do not allocate for each other.
4). Be Realistic
Be Realistic
If you are keen to address this problem while having sexual relationship, the very first step comes in the form of sorting out things then and there. This can be carried out by talking about it keeping things simple and plain. Then you are required to fix the problem by setting the priority. By acknowledging the problem is the best step forward, especially because it helps you and your partner to be on the same plane. At this juncture, it is vial to keep things clear and realistic.
5). Plan For Sex
Plan For Sex
Sometimes you need just a small amount of planning time to address this problem. This is especially true for people with kids, who may face some special challenges while focusing more on your sexual activities along with having some kind of privacy wherein they can be accomplished. This can be sorted out by hiring a babysitter or making some arrangements with another family in order to switch off the watching kids. This can give some spare time for your mutual uninhibited intimacy. Even for couples who do not have kids, you would require an added amount of planning, which talks about avoiding calls from the boss, emails or social media notifications, or any other kind of attention-hogging intrusions.
6). Stay Unplugged
Turn off all your electronic gadgets around you. This tip can help you in having a smooth and healthy life. Too much of TV, computer or phone can certainly hamper your intimacy. You can be easily get distracted by these electronic devices losing the intimacy as well. These electronic gadgets can not only consume your spare time but can even have other contagious repercussions.
7). Focus on Quality Time and not just on Sex:
Focus on Quality Time and not just on Sex
This can work for some couples, however, scheduling a right time for sex is not all that sexy stuff. Instead of having sex on o’clock, it is recommended scheduling the quality time without any pressure. Spending some time together along with the presence of its intimacy too can make a great difference. If sex happens then its great, but if not, yet the time you spend is great.
Wrapping up
Remember this is a team work since you play and enjoy the game of sex the best and together. Hence, the efforts to address the problems together is a must. However, if things are not working, anyone in the couple can take the initiative to carry out the corrective things.
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