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Let me correct this nonsense that most single men and ladies do or believe.
Having A DATE AND DATING Itself are two different words with different meanings.
Don't ever define them wrongly. Else, they define your heartbreak.
DATE can be a meeting between two people. This meeting could/can be between two people who're yet to make their intentions known.

You can take someone on a series of date but that doesn't mean there is INTIMACY between you two.
Going on a date doesn't really mean you can go to bed together. This is the time two people are getting to know each other. To know if there can be a relationship between them.
It is a time to ask questions. It is a time to use your brain and not really your heart. It is a time to use your mouth for talking and not kissing.
It is a time to decide if there is something genuine.You hang out,have some drinks and talk.
It is not compulsory that you must go home with "Point and kill fish" as they call it.
You don't just sit and order all the things you see.
Even a glass of wine can be okay.
DATING is the relationship itself.
It is a STEADY relationship between two people who may be romantically involved.
Dating can lead to marriage but A date can lead to Dating itself.
If he continues taking you on a date without making his intentions known, then don't push it desperately.
It doesn't mean he is interesting in a dating relationship with you.
Girl: "So I went on a date with Tom this weekend."
Girl's friend: "So are you dating him now?"
Girl: "No, he only asked me to go to the movies."
Girl's friend: "Do you think he'll ask you to be his girlfriend?"
Girl: "Probably not, he's a boy, so he probably doesn't know the difference between going on dates and dating, and thinks that one date means we're dating. I better set him straight."
SMART BOY: "I went on another date with Lisa last night, it was really great. I think I'm gonna ask her to be my girlfriend tomorrow. "
DUMB BOY: "Wait I thought you guys were dating?"
SMART BOY:  "No, we've been on a couple dates, but we're not official."
Boy:"Will you go out with me?
Girl:"On a date? Or dating?"
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