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My daughter, you are now a wife and soon you'll be become a mother too.
God bear me witness that i taught you how to cook and do other house chores.I taught you to respect men and to explain your anger when necessary but if you do otherwise,i know you,not as a daughter but as my fellow woman.

My daughter,you see this your husband? He is a gentleman but don't take advantage of that.Don't bring out the beast in him.
My daughter,you see this mark on my forehead? Your father gave it to me. He tolerated me everytime but on that day,He came unexpectedly. It wasn't his intention but i dared him and he hit me just once
My daughter, Men hate it when you use the word "YOU CAN'T DO IT". He sure can do more than but he's just protecing yo from harm.
My daughter, whenever there is an arguement or misunderstanding, try drinking water.You can't talk when you have water in your mouth.
Now, you have two families.You are very lucky.Tolerate and appreciate them just as you did here.
Learn to welcome other people's kids and soon, children will sorround your table with love.
You see that my big pot? I bought it when i still had no child but i always cooked with it to feed those children who had nothing to eat.
Learn to showhospitality. Welcome a visitor and at least, offer a glass of water. Don't discriminate. Don't shatter your husband's family instead, bring them together.
Learn to appreciate little efforts and soon,they'll learn to do more.
Today,you are wearing a wedding gown and you look so beautiful in it but there is still another gown you need to wear.That is the MATERNITY gown.
I wore it and you shall wear your's too.
Know, O my daughter, that you will not achieve what you would like to until you put his pleasure before your own, and his wishes before yours, in whatever you like and dislike. And may God choose what is best for you and protect you.”
When you have a misundertanding, don't come back here. Sort things out and build a happy home. I built mine and your father enjoyed me.
Men like food.They like both the kITCHEN food and the BEDROOM food. Don't deny him any of the food all because you had an arguement.
If the ones I taught are not enough, learn more!
Learn the good one from the perfect book of liberty which is the bible. All the principles of a good wife are written in there. Read it daily and meditate on them.
The best person you can share your worries to after your husband is God not those your friends just God alone.
Honor God and He will help you be a VIRTUOUS WOMAN.
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