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Why Dierks Bentley and Chris Pratt Are Always Wearing the Same Clothes

Originally reported by Faye Brennan. 
Dierks Bentley is a pretty busy guy. When the 39-year-old country star isn't getting "Drunk on a Plane," he's performing on his tour, digging on Chris Pratt's threads, and talking about his adorable family. Here, he answers five questions in the October 2015 issue of Women's Health.

1. What's the craziest thing you've done for love? I surprised my wife with eloping. We were in Las Vegas staying at the MGM Grand, and my friend [who's a stylist] came into the room carrying four wedding dresses. My wife goes, "What's going on?" and I go, "We're going to Mexico and we're getting married tomorrow."
2. Are you a fan of PDA? It's such a funny thing. When you first start dating, you're puppy-doggin' it and all up on each other. But I'm a big fan of touch. If my wife's around, I just like to hold her hand or put my arm around her.
3. How do you handle heartbreak? I'm trying to write a record about this right now. When you have a child it's like having another heart born, and it's yours, and it's out there roaming around. It gets bumps and bruises, but worse, it grows up! That's a form of heartbreak that I never knew existed.
4. Can you be trusted with a secret? With my kids, I've never broken a pinkie promise and they know I never will. Even if it's like, "Dad, don't throw me in this pool!" Or if it's something big with my wife, I pride myself on being a really good vault.
5. Bromance crush? I see Chris Pratt everywhere I go. He and I have the same stylist, and I kinda feel like she's cheating on me with Chris Pratt. Like, c'mon, I recognize these clothes! I see that jacket, you gave me that shirt before. This Chris Pratt guy is stealing my girl! But I think he's pretty awesome. I've never met him though.
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