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Buhari's Economic Policies disproportionately affecting Igbos?

Many people have been saying that Buhari means well with his economic policies including my humble self, however, haven discussed with many people and studying who are affected the most, I am convinced to say that whilst Buhari's economic policies affect all Nigerians, the group it affects the most in a disportionate manner are the Igbos. When you examine most of these policies you would think that Igbos are specifically being targeted on all fronts. Let us examine the facts one after the other.

1. According to Vanguard news today, it was stated that Buhari's government have moved Lagos clearing house for imports to Kano. We all know that almost half of Lagos are occupied by Igbos. Igbo business men around the country have their networks in Lagos, and all they have known for many years is clearing their goods in Lagos. Moving it to Kano only adds to their cost without a concomitant value. Does it affect all business men, including hausas? Yes of course, but we all know that at least 70% of imports in Nigeria are carried out by Igbo business men all over Nigeria. This is NOT a good policy in my opinion it creates bad blood for the average Igbo business man, and make life even tougher for them.

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2. The dollar policy has also disproportionately affected Igbos. Most Igbos have had to close business, because they cannot even find the dollar to pay for their imported goods. Worse still businessess that have millions of USD turn over, are prevented by the banks to collect their money, with the bank claiming they do not have dollar. This essentially grinds businesses and further makes the economy slip into oblivion. Does this policy affect other non-Igbo importers? Ofcourse yes, but given that Igbos are the engine of all of our imports in Nigeria, we can safely say that they are disproportionately affected.

3. Two days ago the APC government of Ambode, who in my opinion has been a confused governor, unable to just keep up with what Fashola has done, ordered that Oshodi market be destroyed. This is one of the largest market places in Nigeria and West Africa. Is it a bad policy to destroy Oshodi market for developmental reasons? Absolutely not, depending on its intent. However, what is bad policy, is when you do not give any notice, no alternatives, and then destroy peoples business that took many years to build, throwing thousands off their employment, and making many more people jobless. This is barbaric to say the least. Which group of people dominate Oshodi market? Igbos ofcourse. By many accounts, Igbos make up 85 - 90% of the traders in Oshodi. Was it a way of telling the Igbos that they are not needed in Lagos? Who inspired Ambode to take such actions? 

I won't go further than this, but one thing is clear, PMB would have to thread carefully, or else what he thinks he is trying to make better, would only make the country worse. We do not need another civil war, policies like this only make Nigeria more polarized and ungovernable.

God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria

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