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Ese Oruru and the Deleterious Wailers

With one corner of your mouth you are saying God forbid she’s not my sister with another corner of your mouth you are saying she is 18 and she is old enough to decide, marry and take in anything from a your back so that evil will not ensue you.
For your information, Ese Oruru is only 14years old and Ese’s parents have travelled to Kano State on numerous occasions in the past six months with officers of the Nigeria Police Force to secure her release without positive result.
Have you thought about the pains the mother has been going through silently?

I agree with Femi Fani Kayode post on this same issue:
The truth is that this is not a love story about two inseparable young people: it is rather a sad and tragic tale about pedophilia, child abduction, kidnapping, human trafficking, slavery, rape, impunity, wickedness, religious bigotry and ritual sex.
Ese Oruru is just like one of the other underage school girls I would never consent to opening a savings account for without the authority of their parents or guardians.
Why should we support what is evil?
Beloved, let’s stand for the truth and the truth will set us free.
Let's support Miss. Ese Oruru and her family lets come together and give them the justice they deserves while we pray for her quick spiritual healing.
It's so reprehensible to read or hear even some mothers giving their opinion on this issue: Why couldn't she run away from the palace?"  Internet has made everything so cheap that even those who can afford a 2k phone and free MB to seat and give some misguided and shameless comments on social media.
This is high stupidity and ignorant on rampage. I repel your sentiments. Where is the humanity of those that speak against Ese and think like this? Where is their compassion they pretend they have within them? Where is their soul they claimed has been redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ?
I'm of the opinion that since there will be a prosecuting witness, the victim and the parents of the girl, the boy and his accomplice should be charge with abduction and forceful conversion of underage to another religion. Those who knot the marriage should also be arraigne for conducting the marriage of an underage girl (which is wrong under the constitution).
The stupid Yinusa feels it's normal to marry a 14 year old girl. He needs to be prosecuted and taught to understand and respect other people's culture and religion and not impose his on others. What he did is an offence under the criminal code applicable in the south where he committed the offence. The girl is a child and she is incapable of taking decisions why can't Nigerians get that? She is a small child.
I pray God avert your day of evil so that you don't go through emotional torments like what Ese Oruru and her family are going through right now.
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