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Ever Wondered Why Good Girls Like Bad Boys? Here Are The Reasons

If you are already a good boy and you have by chance found your way onto this article, please pause right here - don't continue. Otherwise, after you are done reading to the end, you would change your life to adopt that of the bad boy just to get the girls. Just kidding.

Last night as I was thinking about my life and sipping my coca-cola drink at the same time at one corner, I signed in to Facebook and the first thing I saw was this question for discussion on "Why good girls like bad boys?" on one of the platforms. People(both male and female) came through to share their views on this topic. I took my time to sample all the interesting reasons that came through as comments on why good girls go in for bad boys. See below.

"Because no good guy makes eye contact with a good girl and tells her he wants to lick her dry."

"Because bad guys hit the g-spot."

"Simple. Good guys are extremely boring, and too Christlike(religious). It's soo annoying and they make me want to puke. ARRRGH!!"

"In my ten years of dating I see that good ladies don't like gentle, cool and innocent guys. They want the hard guy who fight for her love in public with any guy who come close to her. I stopped dating for a while because one good lady wanted to turn me into a bad guy by introducing me to drinking and smoking.  She said she liked that. I walked out of the relationship right away. I can't do it, It's against my faith."

"Bad guys have done it all and know how to treat the girls to make them happy. Good guys are usually boring and it dulls the relationship. That's why some good girls end up with by bad guys. Thank you."

"It's because good guys lack one of the most important things gals look out for, Confidence! Bad guys seem to have it in abundance."

"When a good girl goes in for a good guy, the good guys always hide their feelings and cannot say how they feel. It is like they feel shy, they cant open up. When a good girl is dating a bad guy she feels she is safe. Where the bad guy will take her too, the good guy cannot."

"Simple! Girls don't like guys who are sincere. Girls are always ready to hear what they want to hear not what is good for them."

"Bad guys have swag which initiates the bond of attraction between them and the girls."

"One amazing thing however is, Good girls change bad boys more often because the bad boys don't want to lose them so they end up becoming more responsible. Bad boys want girls who can help them to change, more often they don't enjoy being bad boys though."

"You know girls love to hear sweet things and most bad guys already know everything."

"The problem is the good guys don't brag or lie but that iss what the girls rather like."

"Because most girls love hard guys period."

"Bad guys get mouth pass good guys. hence when the bad guys with more vibes in 'imbaap3 de yob' the good girls they blindly believe, trust and fall for them than the good guys with no vibes(mummy's boy/holy/fearoos = Good guys)"

"It's because good guys lack one of the most important things girls look out for, Confidence! Bad guys seem to have it in abundance."

"Because the beatings and heartbreaks make the good girls love bad boys more, and their motive is to CHANGE them."

"It is because bad guys are economical with the truth, always telling lies. Telling the truth to a lady makes her feel insulted but lies bloat their heads and make them feel pampered and the most highly rated. If girls love to be lied to then their correlation with bad guys will always be a positive one."

"Bad guys usually have big dicks and we all know women when it comes to DICK."

"It is a natural phenomenon... just like fishes lives... when a female fish spots more female around the male counterparts they end up with him than the other male who has few or may be none of the female fish around him. Women have a notion that so far as there are more female around one guy they also go there thinking there is a sought of honey there to be taken."

"The good guys like perfection which bore's them. They like the unpredictable and crazy guy who will on top make them believe lie over a truth "

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  1. I strongly disagree with this point "Bad guys usually have big dicks and we all know women when it comes to DICK."


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