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How the Fed Gov't fuels the ruthless Fulani Herdsmen mantras-Angela Uyi

Corroborated by the information uncovered from the victims who are currently hospitalized at Bishop Shannahan's Hospital, close to University Of Nigeria, Nsukka. The confidant who pleaded anonymity insist that the applauding professionalism demonstrated by the perpetrators confirms that this inhumane act is not a mere Fulani onslaught. The confidant pointed the finger of suspicion at the lethal combination of the Muslim indoctrinated DSS and their spiteful Hausa/Fulani soldiers who are hitherto using the Fulani herds men as instrument of provocation. Their sole goal is geared towards tarnishing IPOB's internationally recognized pristine image of law abiding, respect for human right, and above all, nonviolence and peace loving. It is important to note that this article does not debunk the universal truth that Fulani herds men are antisocially blood tasty. Rather, it accuses the the federal government in its entirety of being responsible for this particular premeditated wicked act by their long silence . Conversely, why can't the governor of Enugu State use the state's coercive apparatus (police, army, navy, etc) to checkmate the excesses of these Fulani herds men.

After all said and done, we are forced to conclude that the silence of your government fuelled the ruthlessness of these HERDSMEN. How come a president of a nation maintained  long silence while his country is ravaging on fire? Your careless attitude towards the massacres going on from state to state has given Nigerians the audacity to doubt your ability of administration power in security and urgent issues.
You cannot maintain a perfect economy if some characters are out there causing misfortunes for those who placed you in office.
On this premise, I am calling on the Federal government and the security agencies to exhaustively trace the genesis of these brutal HERDSMEN and do a thorough investigation into the identities of the suspected HERDSMEN or gunmen in order to stop this generalization of  certain tribe or people of certain faith as responsible for these herdsmen mantras on your citizens.

We CANNOT harbour CRIMINALS in our community in the clothing of FULANI HERDSMEN and under the guise perpetrating odious crimes against innocent and armless people and the state should be regarded as such and in accordance of the law.
Some say they are not FULANI HERDSMEN  while some say they are the "New Terrorist group"
Who cares?
All we are asking is for these criminals to be brought to book and justice served accordingly.

The pains is becoming unbearable, the death is increasing, where are the God's Messengers in Nigeria?

Shall we continue to trade blame in the face of human souls?

Shall we continue apportioning blame while our brothers and sisters have been killed in the East?

Shall we continue to allow devil's strategy of political division to rob us of our clear conscience?

Nigeria government and leaders shall surely account for all blood shed on the soil of NIGERIA

It is high time we stopped wasting the future generation of the country called Nigeria.

The modern "Fulani herdsmen" constitute a bunch of rampaging, combatant armies, wielding modern day sophisticated weapons. They invade whole communities as they did Agatu, take them hostage, maim, kill, set their houses ablaze, rape their women and daughters and shoot down the youth, escaping the inferno of homes they set ablaze. In their orgy of violence, armed robbery, carnage and bloodbath, comparable only to the invidious and incidious Boko Haram insurgency, they kidnap and murder in cold blood, traditional rulers, women, men and even clerics. No one is safe. No farmer escapes their unprovoked wrath.

Why are we scared of Standing against these ruthless herdsmen? why are we scared of speaking against them?
Do we want to wait until they kill our our?
Why are we scared of lending our supports to the voiceless and helpless citizens?
Why are we scared of Standing for justice for the death and protection for the living?
For God to forbid evil and bad things from happening, we must stand for the truth and repel evil.

These HERDSMEN leave their host communities dehumanised and traumatised in pains, pangs, sweat, tears, sorrow and blood. Indigenes become strangers on their land, sleeping in the forests, or where they still do, in their communities, with one eye open.

Westminster City Council has just given us the Permission to organize the PROTEST AGAINST the EVIL FULANI HERDSMEN.
No going back, Join us at global outreach LONDON PROTEST to stop the bloodthirsty cattle rearers ravaging the Nigeria.

Venue: Procession from Nigeria High Commission to UK Parliament Building.
Date : Tuesday May 3, 2016. 
Time : 11:00am-1pm prompt

SOS to all who are concerned about making Nigeria a safe and better place.

Westminster City Council has just approved the permission for concerned Nigerians (living in the UK) to organize the protest against the activities of blood-thirsty Fulani Herdsmen.
International media organisations (BBC, CNN,)
 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" 

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