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Nigerians Leaving it To God Since 1960

"Some of the people I discussed the recent terrorist attack by the Fulani state sponsored terrorists hold the view that God will take control.

My response is why didn't God take control in Rwanda and Burundi when more than 2 million people were killed in an ethnic cleansing?

Why didn't God take control when Hitler murdered about 6 million Jews?

Why didn't God take control when the Fulani dominated Nigerian army started the pogrom in the North that eventually led to the murder of more than 3 million Igbos between 1966 to 1970?

Why didn't God take control when Josef Stalin murdered more than 6 million Soviet citizens?

When a supposed statesman and now President openly confessed that he will continue to support the "agitation" for the introduction of sharia until it takes over the whole country, then we must re-emphasise that there is difference between religious thinking and Christian thinking. I want us to be mindful of the word "agitate".

It is even more disturbing that after months of continuous terrorising of communities by Fulani herdsmen, Buhari obviously under media pressure assured Nigerians through his spokesman that they are working silently to resolve the issue. Don't lose sight of the fact that he recently released some Boko Haram foot soldiers secretly but he directed the Nigerian army to shoot IPOB supporters openly, shoot Niger Delta militants openly, bombed town in Calabar openly, massacred the Shite Islamic sect openly. But he is still looking for credible Boko Haram leadership to negotiate with them.

El Rufai once said that whoever kills Fulani has taken a loan to be repaid someday. Since Fulani are now the murderers can we assume that they have taken a mortgage repayable someday.

When we take control, God takes control. When we abdicate our responsibility, we cannot blame God. The crux of the matter is that self defense is our inalienable rights. It is not delegatable." - Marvelous Nnatu.

Via:Chinenye Lauretta Ufearoh

Photo credit; Obyno Chiedozie ( Facebook user )

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