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Stop the Fulani Herdsmen brutality.
It's time for me to clear the airways on the Fulani Herdsmen brutality and Agatu community in  Benue State. My long suffering or silence does not mean I haven't been affected with the issue.
I have been having behind the scene talk with those closer to the Presidency and I must comment that everyone is as perplexed as much as the wailers.

Here are my questions:
-Are those men really Fulani Herdsmen?
-Are they Nigeria Fulanis?
-How come they are so brutal and could afford AK47 and sophisticated arsenals?
-How come the Nigerian Army is afraid to face a combat with them?
-Are the Fulani Herdsmen enemies of the State?
-Why are the governments silence about it?
-Are they the enemies within the government?

Today,  I am calling on the Federal government to condemn the animosity, lack of respect for the sanctity of human life and proffer a lasting solution.

The open display of man’s inhumanity to his fellow man, and the madness that has been shown by these two Benue communities is sad and unfortunate. A once peaceful communities have become a war zone and the government is yet to address the reports of many Agatus being hacked to death in their farms, pregnant women being killed by the Fulani fighters, and the killing of livestock, women and Fulani children by the Agatu fighters.

If you still want to  blame President Mohammodu Buhari and his supporters have you thought that “The inability of the Benue state government to effectively put measures in place at accommodating, pacifying and carrying both sides only added more fuel to an already fury fire”?

Have there been any emergency meeting  with Mr. president of which he'd turned dead ears to?

Have anyone calling and tagging me on posts ever see the urgent need of the governments of Benue and Kogi states to liaise with the federal government as quickly as possible with the aim of stopping this wanton destruction of lives and properties?

Please, before you haul stones remember we are all living in glass houses and no one is comfortable with the misfortunes that's befallen  our fellow beings.
Whether you are APC or otherwise, we are one Nigeria.
Let's come together and fashion a constructive ways on how to assist the gov' t to deal with this terrorist instead of dishing out  blames.
"If there is no conflict there won't be resolution"

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