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Scaring Revelation: President Buhari Please stop these HERDSMEN!

I saw this on Facebook:
Check this out. "Brethren, I had a personal experience today that marvelled me and I want to share it with you. I entered a bike after work today and the bike man told me this story I want to share with you now for everybody to be at alert for it is drawing near soon if we don't call upon our God now. The man told me that he was carrying an Hausa man today and both of them were discussing together, along the line the man asked him whether he is Igbo (I am staying at onitsha) and the man pretended and said that he is from kogi state and that made the man to feel at home to tell him this secret, that the reason many Hausa people are coming down to Eastern States now is to enable them fulfill their mission. The agenda is to make it easier for them to penetrate through these states in their vision of turning them all to Islamic States. He didn't stop there, he went further to say that many of the commercial bikes'men who are mostly hausas now were duly sponsored with bikes by big alhajis to enable them know every nook and cranny of these states, to roam every corner of Igbo land for their mission, that when their mission starts, it won't be hard to be accomplished. Many of them are doing some odd jobs like sewing, fetching water, selling fruits, etc pretending that it is a way of making both ends meet but actually they have a mission. They have been sent to villages even the most remote areas, many of them are now taking some of our sisters into marriages, pretending that they meant no harm but still nursing their mission in minds. He now turned and asked the bike man why he can't speak Hausa and the man answered that he didn't grow up at North, part of his life has been at East but he is a Muslim and he still felt relaxed and went on with his story. He said that, when that time comes, there won't be hiding place for Igbos bcos their spies will be everywhere being that they are on the job now,no place will be hard for them to discover, some of these churches will be turned to mosques and he kept saying that it will be very soon. The bike man told me that he was so afraid but tried to remain calm and composed in order to allow him finish up what he was saying. I, too was also afraid and I remembered that our Rev. said sometime last year that about five alhajis donated some millions of naira for this mission and we couldn't understand it then but thought it was a child's play but my brethren it is very real before us. We Christians have to rise up and pray, if not, I forsee danger. If this starts, where are we going to run to? our villages that supposed to be a kind of hiding place for some people are polluted too. Why I am using Whatsapp to spread this is bcos it is a bit safer for us bcos I know the numbers I have in my phone and the people I am sending it to know me well, if I should go through Facebook, they are there and they will know that their plans have been exposed thereby making them to turn to plan B or C. That is why I am using this medium to spread this, to alert people of God to be at alert. Send to real men of God that know where God's heart is, tell to as many as you know that can pray well, we need to pray bcos there is danger. We don't need prosperous speakers now, what we need are prayer warriors that can touch God's heart through prayers for God to turn all their plans into nothing. See what is happening today in our country, even fulani herdsmen kidnapping a Rev father and asking for ransom of 10m at Enugu. Agwo no na akirika. We need to rise up and pray now or perish. Since I came back, I wasn't myself. I kept pondering all these inside me and I decided to share it so that I will be a bit free to talk bcos I am dumbfounded. The bike man is my usual customer. Due to my work, he do pick me up some of the evenings when he comes around or I find my way when I don't see him. I am concerned people of God."
Via Vivian Irondi Facebook user
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