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Why we support General Buhari-Muhammad Danlami

Despite all the hardship Nigerians are facing currently,  there are mouthful of Nigerians who are still supporting Mohammodu Buhari.
If you think otherwise, kindly comment in the comment box or send mail to us through the mail box.

If you still want to know why we support General Buhari here is the main reason.

Our friends and families in the North East were living in fear and terror for four years. Their markets and sources of living were destroyed by the insurgency. They couldn't go to their farms or markets, and they couldn't even pray in peace. The government did little to help them.

The security situation under Buhari has remarkably improved. Boko Haram is no longer capturing villages and towns. People are now living in relative peace. People are returning to their towns and villages. The military and our security agencies are doing their best.

Many of us supported him because we knew he would address the problem of insecurity. He did. And we are grateful. We hope the government will support the reconstruction of the communities and infrastructure destroyed by Boko Haram.

The problems many Nigerians are now complaining about, such as fuel scarcity and lack of electricity, are things very common in the North East for many years.

We will continue to support him so that he can fulfill the other promises he made of improving the economy, creating jobs, and fighting corruption. 

We will tell him when things are not going well in other sectors. But we have NO REGRETS for supporting Buhari.

Credit: Muhammad Dalami Facebook

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