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8 Pictures That Are So Real If Your Nigerian Wife Can’t Cook

They say the heart to a man’s heart is through his stomach and saying has never stopped by true. No wonder many Nigerian moms start to teach their daughters how to make a good meal as soon as they can light a stove. However, some Nigerian women do not know how to cook.

Either because rthey weren’t taught or they didn’t bother to learn and this can be very frustrating for their husbands when they eventually get married.DPA BLOG brings you the 8 daily struggles of a Nigerian man married to a woman who can’t cook….

1.When you have to stop a Mama put joint every morning and evening on your way to work and back because you know the food your dear wife is going to give you at home would ruin your taste bud.
2.Your face when  your friends starts to regal you with the different Nigerian delicacies his wife made him over the weekend but the best you has was noodles and fried plaintain to add little to spark.
3.When you visit your friends at their homes and the aroma from their wives’ kitchen always does soemthing to your senses that makes you want to go home, pack all your belongings and come live with them.
4.How you eat at the party because you know the next time you’ll eat something that delicious is either at the local buka near your house or someone you know is kind enough to invite you to a party.
5.Your reaction, when your wife tries to be romantic and calls you while at work to ask you what you’ll like to eat when you get home from work.

6. How she gets when you loving tell her to put more effort to be like her mates who cook so well
7. How you react when you where held up in traffic and got to your usual mama put joint but was give the bad news that food has finish
8. How you joyfully take over the kitchen when she’s not home or sick
True or false???
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