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Forced marriage in Burkina Faso must stop!

Dear Angela,

Life in Burkina Faso is very different for school friends, Caroline and Sinali. Their story exemplifies a problem facing over half of all girls in the country, who will marry before they’re even 18 years old.

Caroline goes home to a father who’s proud of her good grades, and wants his daughter to go far with her education. Sinali is also excelling at school but her father doesn’t see why she bothers: “Girls are only good for marriage,” he insists.

No woman should be forced to marry; no girl should have to flee hundreds of kilometres to specialist refuges, because she’s refused to accept a forced marriage. Sinali’s story highlights a common problem across Burkina Faso…

But it’s a problem the government is starting to recognise – the pressure of Amnesty International and our supporters is working. The government has committed to a three-year action plan to eliminate the kind of ordeals faced by girls like Sinali. Now they must put these commitments into practice.

Help us bring the Burkina Faso government to task – sign our petition today calling for the country’s lawmakers to protect girls from forced marriage.

Best wishes
Stacy Shapiro
My Body My Rights Senior Campaigner

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