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President Buhari is a lucky man.

From all indications, the latest move in the Petroleum sector is here to stay, partially because a large section of the populace trusts his acclaimed integrity, but more because Nigerians are actually tired, and are becoming more pragmatic. I say more the latter because areas where the President has received the most antagonism, recorded very minimal protests. I guess the reality on ground is visible to the blind and audible to the deaf.

That said, Buhari has reached another phase in his Presidency. He has been handed ANOTHER CHEQUE by the people. It is a very enviable position for any Leader and aspiring leader. A state where opposition to your pet project is all but vapourised, a situation where the road is clear to carry out that critical move that has been the bane of past leaderships.

Mr. President, providence has given you a second chance to make history.

You have your ministers, budget has been passed, you have spent one year in office and know the nitty-gritty of the modern day mechanisms of power. YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE FOR FAILURE. I know you will still make mistakes, but you will be judged on the SUM TOTAL of your actions in office.

Please, do not tell us about how PDP destroyed Nigeria, tell us how APC is going to build it. We know PDP destroyed Nigeria, we elected you to fix it, not complain. Leave that discussion for the expert analysts.

You are now comfortably on the saddle. A large section of the populace is still on your side. Now is time to start weaning yourself of the bad eggs in your domain. We are happy progress is being made on the corruption front, but the war is still one-sided.

If you are really concerned about leaving a lasting legacy, you would leave behind a war that would keep catching crimnals after you are gone, not one that would be looking for the enemies of the man in power. All we would have after celebrated trials and convictions would be numerous Tafa Baloguns and Bode Georges who would bounce back to opulence (using same stolen money) after making up with "Ogas at the Top".

The herdsmen? The Niger Delta Avengers? IPOB? I would have said in the interest of fairness to strike all groups equally. But you have not even been fair or honest to yourself. I am not impressed with the way you have treated the murderous herdsmen so far. But I know the groups I mentioned are very different in make-up, aspirations and concerns. Stirke when you should, negotiate when you can. Just keep in mind, that even an objective observer will notice bias when he sees it.

Mr. President, your case is unique in that while other leaders ruled in their 30s, 40s and 50s, you will be in your mid 70s by 2019. The other leaders had decades of life left in them to enjoy the opulence that occupation of that office bequeathed them. The more criminally minded ones had decades to enjoy the loot plundered from same office. You, on the other hand, will only be left with reflections.

Seventy-five years on Earth by 2019 is not an age where you anticipate, but where you reflect.......DEEPLY. You are very lucky in that, in the three years left, you can actually redefine the negatives you may have been known for, and strenghten the positives people see, in such a way that nothing else done before now, will ever matter.

How else to achieve that, but to change the destinies of 170 million Nigerians for the better?

Once again, I wish you Godspeed.

Credit: Obinna A.

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