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It is fast becoming clearer by the day that President Buhari's spokesperson, Mr. Femi Adesina is under a very potent spell. To refer to the famous #wailingwailer crooner as a #goofinggaffer is, in fact an understatement. Mr. Femi's verbal somersaults are becoming odoriferous and nauseating. Every time Femi speaks since about 4 months ago, he commits treasonable vituperations that are capable of eroding the goodwill of this administration. Like a power drunk fellow, Femi's #arrogance and #braggadocio are deleterious to the change mantra. "Unless
Buhari fires Femi, Femi will ruin Buhari"

Apparently, Femi seems to be living in a different planet from fellow Nigerians. Or is he playing the role of a perfect courtier with his sycophancy? Or is Femi, like Ettu Mohammed rightly observed under the influence of #codeine or some other hard drugs? At least he could have learnt from the #dumbness of Garba Sheu who is being paid for doing virtually nothing!

One thing is clear though, Femi is like a cancer in this administration. His public utterances no doubt betray the humble posture and character of Mr. President. Some folks even think that he is a #mole planted to rubbish PMB. Buhari must get rid of Adeshina very soon before he ruins this government. Whether he is #bewitched or under the influence of #hardDrugs, Femi must go. Imagine what he said recently:

"It is mendacious to say that in the last One year, what Nigerians have been experiencing is suffering.  It is not true." (Punch, May 21, 2016)

This was how #DoyinOkupe started until he ended up comparing Jonathan to Jesus Christ! Femi is no longer #Adeshina(the pathfinder); he is now an #Ashina(the strayer)!


Credit: Sirnucy Lafiagi
22/5 /2016

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