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Why Buhari’s one year in office is a democratic mishap – FHRACC

As President Muhammadu Buhari marks one year in office on Sunday, the Foundation For Human Rights And Anti-Corruption Crusade, FHRACC, has claimed that the President’s stay in office so far has been characterized by economic repression, ethnocentrism, lack of parity with the composition of the Government, gross abuse of human rights, persecution of old time enemies and political rivals under the guise of fighting corruption.

In a statement signed on Friday by its National President, Alaowei Cleric Esq, the group described Buhari’s first year in office as one of “vain-glory” and “ego-boosting”, alleging that there has been an abuse of democratic ethos within the period.

The statement reads, “The vain-glory and ego-boosting one year in office by President Mohammadu Buhari is a mishmash of economic disaster, pirated propaganda of image laundering and democratic attrition. His eventful one year in office gives Nigerians a miasma of hope of the nation’s dangling future. Buhari’s first tenure is characterized with economic repression, ethnocentrism, lack of parity with the composition of the Government, gross abuse of human rights, persecution of old time enemies and political rivals in the name of Anti-Corruption war as well as an abuse of democratic ethos thereby reducing Nigerians to collywobbles at the mention of democracy or Buhari Government.

“This APC led-Government after mesmerizing Nigerians with its now edited but yet to be executed campaign promises to entrust the Party with their votes, has shown that it’s far worst than the PDP sixteen years rule. One eventful but excuses-coated year has gone down the drain, yet this APC Government of propaganda has not formulated any policy to recoup Nigerians of the mass feelings of distrust and gross incompetence displayed by the Government to pilot the affairs of the nation. High point of the Government’s malaise is its decision to go back to the APC’s vomit when the later was in opposition. The then opposition party, (APC), now groping around for help at the alter of governance, spared no minute in rebuking and reproving the PDP led-Government over the removal of fuel subsidy. We are surprised why this APC led-Government find the fuel subsidy removal parody as its best democracy gift to the Buhari Government’s pauperized and beleaguered Nigerians at this year’s democracy day?

“Despite the social pariahs former President Jonathon’s Government was being subjected to, the Buhari’s copycat Government is virtually doing everything left on the table of governance by the immediate past PDP led-Government. The few self-serving and esoteric policies of this Government have plunged the Country into economic recess thereby elicited an unprecedented inflationary rates. There is hardship everywhere in the Country although the Presidential spokesman, Mr Femi Adesina said it means not suffering. What do we have to celebrate in this year’s democracy day? President Buhari’s first year performance in office is a bitter pill to swallow. We pray that the Country should not continue in this miserable path to the bitter end of his tenure.”

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