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12 Drama highlight within 10 day vacation of President Buhari

My very own 100% correct  pady Retson A Tedheke is making real sense in the post below....


1. The Naira was allowed to Battle among Hawks and Killers

2. Your Small Minister of Petroleum said N13 Billion for land does not matter. N13billion Baba!!!

3. Governor's of the Niger Delta & Some Ministers indicated that corruption charges against NIGER Delta sons be dropped before Pipeline bombing will stop. Baba we said Impossicant.

4. Legislooters were accused of sexual harassment by the US Ambassador & we were not surprised by the Legislooters & the Americans. Rapist & Iraq on our minds

5. The NASS began discussions on Lifetime Immunity & Pensions. Baba if you agree to this,  we will occupy Aso Rock.

6. The Cornerstone of your Social Safety Net Program, The N-Power Website caught the PHCN Virus. It has been on & off.

7. Your Ministers have been Fighting,  Your Foot Soldiers have been Quarrelling, Hunger is now Nationalized and your VP has been Fantastically outstanding Baba.

8. The Number of Militancy groups in the Niger Delta has increased.  Some are now demanding for exclusive right to the Refining of Ogogoro. Baba we told you,  not to negotiate with economic saboteurs.

9. The Cultist in the South South increased their Killings,  IPOB/Biafrauds aligned with the Ijaw Scavengers officially but have refused to blow up any Federal Infrastructure in the South East.

10. The Abuja-Kaduna Standard Gauge Rail Project was successfully test run but the debate over who should take credit is so far inconclusive.

11. Bukola Saraki and Ekweremadu have been charged for Forgery,  Your Lawyers are Battling your WAEC Certificate issues in Court and FFK has been officially charged,  but he claimed he did not know the Money belonged to government. Baba imagine the excuse.

12. Perpetual Wailers and Certified Haters said You had Cancer of the Ear,  Then they said you had died and just this morning baba,  they said you were to be returned in a stretcher. Baba you disappointed them.
Endless list.

Baba,  while you were away your Warriors Stood Firm.
Yes indeed..We are standing with PMB always.
Credit: Retson A  Tedheke (Facebook user )

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