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The beauty routine I never skip - Toke

I love looking good. Beyond the fact that the spotlight is always on me, I like to keep things fresh and clean. Just like my skin. And trust me, good looking skin takes time and effort. Occasional trips to the spa, eating right (yes my dear, what you eat would reflect on your skin) and using the right skin products are just a few of the things I do to ensure that my skin slays all day, every day. 


Sometimes, I can go months without visiting the spa. As for food, well, I indulge from time to time but the one thing I never joke with is the kind of product I use on my skin and neither should you. That is why I absolutely trust Mecran cosmetics. Unlike most beauty products that lighten your skin only to turn you darker again, Mecrancosmeticproducts are made from natural ingredients to give your skin a sustainable flawless glow. 

We all know how harsh this our “African Sun” can be. With the wrong skin care product, your glow can turn to a major sunburn in a matter of minutes. But not with Mecran cosmetics as it contains SPF 60. This means those harmful UV rays cannot tarnish your glow. Whether you are going to spend the day at the beach, or simply hanging with the girls for a night of fun, Mecran products keep your skin looking fresh, smooth and spotless. 

I can play around with a lot of things but my skin remains a priority for me. 

The clinically approved Mecran Spot Remover is the number one spot remover. Fortified with licorice extract to protect you from dark spots caused by sun exposure, this spot remover is also an oil controlling agent for people with oily skin. That is not all. Within 4 to 6 weeks, Mecran Spot Remover also clears up the dark knuckles, which easily blends into your skin and keeps it glowing.
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