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"The Demons that has Possessed the Nigerian Politicians are many" - RETSON TEDHEKE

Mr. Retson is not leaving any stone unturned as he is mobilizing people and creating awareness for the forthcoming Occupying of the national assembly and scraping of the Senate. He advised his supporters to join in this struggle unconditionally irrespective of their religion and ethnicity differences.
Read his statement below...
#OCCUPYNASS2UNLTD... #THISSUNDAY: Nigerians; Do not join this STRUGGLE because you are a Christian, a Muslim or a Traditionalist. Do not FIGHT on the side of the People because you are Hausa, Yoruba or Ibo. Do not consider joining this REVOLUTION because you expect to be paid for your effort or your role. Do not try joining this COALITION OF THE WILLING because you are a Member of the PDP, APC or because you think this is a party Program or Project.

Your Family; Your Children; Your Country; Our Collective Progress; Our Future and Our Overall well-being depends on our desire to change Nigeria Progressively. The President has opened the eyes of the Nigerian People to see that Real Change can be achieved no matter how slowly it takes for us as a people to get there. We as a people do not expect El-Dorado overnight; We understand were we are coming from; We see that changing a system that is dependent on Corruption requires much more than the effort of a FEW GOOD MEN.

The Demons that has Possessed the Nigerian Politicians are many and so the People must become the MOB to help our President and our Country regain our truest Identity. This is our fight; This is our Life and this is our opportunity to do a TURKISH JOB on the The Nigerian Political Class. The Nigerian National Assembly and Particularly the Nigerian Senate Represents the Worse of the Nigerian Polity today. This APC led 8th Assembly exemplifies what is wrong with Nigeria generally. We cannot allow the Greed; Corruption; Selfishness and the Audacity for Criminality of 469 people to derail the NEW NIGERIA PROJECT under the Leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari.

PMB is human; He will make mistakes and the system will frustrate him. He will frustrate those of us who are his supporters. We do not expect that the Problems of several decades will be resolved in several Months. We do not expect that every Corrupt Person will be prosecuted within Months; We did not expect Miracles. The Foundation is being relaid and the Pulse of the Nigerian Nation is Being Re-energized. There is a good reason to fight for our Country now and You must fight with Nigerians purely with the intent to ensure that this Change will help our people overcoming Poverty; Suffering; Hunger; Darkness; Unemployment; Decaying Infrastructure; impunity and Corruption.


Via Retson A. Tedheke (Facebook user)
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