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Fellow compatriots, so many bad things have been happening to us recently at the National Assembly. Too numerous to mention in this short appeal for participation. It is with trepidation and deep regret that the supposed “honourable” men and women as well as the “distinguishes”, who we voted into office, to make laws that will help make our country great are suddenly showing their true colours;  that they have never been there to serve us the masses in the first instance. Most of them are in fact at the NASS to enrich themselves, and enact treacherous laws that will guarantee their immunity against prosecution, and also guarantee their perpetual stay in power.

The streak of bad intent by the NASS members started when the trio of Bala Ibn Na'Allah, Dino Melaye, and Bukola Saraki sponsored the obnoxious Social Media Bill, which sought to silence us the masses, from using our God given freedom of expression, and our patriotic duty to expose corruption, tyranny and misgovernance. Of course the stupid bill was killed off by its very sponsors, having realised that it was never going to see the light of the day.

Not long after that, the same NASS members rewarded themselves with expensive luxurious Sports Utility Vehicles imported from overseas, at the expense of Nigerian masses, while we the masses are forced to rely on dilapidated public transport system made of obsolete vehicles plying on roads that can best be described as death traps.

As though that was not bad enough, not long after that shameless broad day light looting of our public funds to buy cars that they did not need nor deserve, the same NASS members had the audacity to attempt to amend critical sections of our constitution that relate to Code of Conduct Bureau and the Administration of Criminal Justice System. The unlawful amendments were intended to exempt them from prosecution. This was treachery that boarded treason!

While all that was happening, the same NASS members hijacked the 2016 budget with the sole intent of padding it to award themselves billions of Naira of the so called Constituency Projects. This act of treachery caused the delay of ratification of the budget by about 5 months. Regrettably, Nigerians are still in immense hardship as a result of this delay.

Now, the revelations, accusations and counter-accusations that ensued following the sacking of Abdulmumin Jibrin as the Chairman of the House of Representatives Appropriation Committee is further proof that the NASS members have been taking us for a ride for so long with impunity. Instead of resigning from the NASS itself for being complicit in a major criminal enterprise, we see the principal actors of this despicable misadventure rushing to court, seeking for one injunction or the other, in futile attempts to save themselves from prosecution. Make no mistake about it, padding the budget is a serious criminal offence. If in doubt, ask Barrister Femi Falana (SAN).

Fellow compatriots, the writing is on the wall for us the Nigerian masses. Unless we wake up from the slumber that we have been dwelling in for so long to hold these traitors to account, using peaceful and democratic instruments available to us in the Nigerian constitution, things will never change at the NASS!

To this end, we are inviting all patriotic Nigerians at home and around the world to join us in OccupyNASS2 slated for 10th October 2016. This is an all Nigerian affair. All NGOs, trade and labour unions, human rights organisations etc are welcomed to collaborate with us. It is our intention to occupy the NASS until all our legitimate demands are met.

Over the last month, we have been working hard to put in place a credible management team as well as technology infrastructure to support Occupy NASS2. We also reviewing our records, to use the valuable experience we gained during Occupy NASS1, to make this even even more successful.

The conveners of Occupy NASS2 are as follows:

1. Mr. Retson A. Tedheke: +234 8055960330.
2. Dr. Bunmi Awoyemi: +234 8033216775.
3. Mr. Olikitan Shamsuldeen Adeniji: +44 7445833521.
4. Dr. Idris Ahmed: +44 7539288602.

The website for registration to attend Occupy NASS2 and for making donations is: We also have the website where further information and daily posts about the event will be made available. Registration of attendees will help us to manage security and delivery of the event efficiently.

Fellow compatriots, as ever, we solicit your full participation and prayers to make this event even more peaceful and successful than the previous one.

May God bless Nigeria and Nigerians. Amen.

Dr. Idris Ahmed.

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