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The path to the Nigeria Current Economic Quagmire can best be summarized by the popular Samuel Jackson's or Warren Buffet's Quote "The Chains of Bad Habits are too Weak to be Felt until they are too Difficult to be Broken". Our Continuing National bad habits of dependence on Importations, Seeking Miracles rather than Hard work, Ignoring all Viable Revenue alternatives for only Crude Oil, Promoting Religion rather than Education, Building Mega-Churches & Mosque rather than Mega-Factories & Empowering Looters, Criminals, Bigots, Tribalist & Illiterates who become our Political Leaders is coming home to hurt us all. Our Docility of Yesterday has Stolen our Tomorrow and Hurting our Today.

The Harvard & IMF Bad Samaritan Economist can continue with their lies, but the reality will never change. The Nigerian Reality will only change when we are able to do the following:

1. Feed our People & become a Net Exporter of Food.
2. Refine Enough Petroleum Products for the Nigerian Market & Become a Net Exporter of Finished Products.
3. Begin the Processes of Educating our People on the Importance of the Nigerianization of our Economy in all aspects.
4. Be Prepared to Subsidize Local Production, Local Manufacturing, Local Consumption & Local Industrialization.
5. Be ready to Damn the Consequences & Impose Currency as well as Capital Control.
6. Be Audacious enough to Impose Debilitating Tariffs & Outright Ban if necessary for what Nigeria can Produce.

7. Be Ready to Borrow more for Capital Expenditure & Massive Infrastructural Developments Nationwide.
8. Be Prepared to Enforce Fiscal Sanity, Discipline & Financial Accountability across all levels of Governments in Nigeria.
9. Ignore the Economist, The Speculators & the Hedge Fund Advocates whose only is Fast Cash not Nations Building.
10. Do the above again & again & again.

There is no recorded success of Devaluation & Currency floatation for any Economy in Crisis historically. Capital & Currency Control, Infant Industry Protection, Debilitating Tariffs, Local Manufacturers Subsidies are the Hallmark of the Growth of all the Advanced Economies today with the Exception of Switzerland & The Netherlands. The West cannot Kick Away the Ladder when it is our turn to grow.

We should Think Nigeria First, Nigeria Always and Nigeria Only. Our Economic Problems have no Short Term Solutions. We failed Yesterday to Prepare for Today, that is why our Suffering is Painfully and it Hurts, but what did we expect? What we end up doing today is Crucial for the Future and whatever hope we have for our Children Tomorrow. Miracles have failed, Targeted Nigerian Centric Policy Actions will help us Succeed. We the People must be engaged, the result of the status-quo is right before our eyes today.

My Support for PMB is Premised on the Belief & Understanding that what we desire is Slowly but Gradually taking hold. My Incurable Optimism for my Country is Premised on the Ideology that fighting for what you have is the best fight in all of Humanity.

THIS SUFFERING has been EARNED by our FAILURE as a PEOPLE. Now we Must Change if our TOMORROW is going to be any Different.

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